Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do you miss me???`

Yeah well. Stop pressuring me to be funny. I just can't take it anymore. Really.

So, while I'm having a blogger's is a couple of funny posts to get you by. Sue is hilarious, you're gonna love her. I almost gasped a minute ago because I thought she actually added me to her blog roll......turns out there are more Brooke's in this world other than me. Who knew?

They are so going to take away my chick card This is SO me. I was laughing til I was crying...but then again that's almost every post she writes.

And one more.

Things I Want To Have Happen This Year But They Probably Won’t Because I Unfortunately Do Not Control The Universe & Also God Does Not Like Show-Offs
Ok. This one I think I was actually laughing until I was making some weird dying sound.

Ok. Enjoy. Maybe next time I'll be back to pen something funny that I can actually claim.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I got nothin'

I got nothin' to give.

I'm blank. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.

It's pretty sad that my only excitement lately is that they have opened some new lanes in the town I deliver mail in. Now I don't have to cut so many people off when I pull out of every bloomin' business I deliver to. Woohoo.

What else? Oh. My hubby just barfed like he was dying.
A. He is dying.
B. He's allergic to the antibiotics they gave him at the dentist today.
C. He has a stomach virus.

I'm really pulling for B.

And what's with this writer's strike? What is it exactly that they want? 1 million, 2 million, c'mon people, rich is rich, right?

I NEED something new on t.v.!!! I couldn't even watch any stars strut down the red carpet last night because they didn't show up for the Golden Globes. I believe I would have crossed the picket lines to get my award. Hey, and just think, all the attention would be on me. They would ask me, "Brooke, Brooke, who are you wearing tonight?" I would say, "Oh, this old thing? I got it at a thrift store over on Rodeo Drive........"

See, I'm tellin' ya. I got nothin'.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I love free stuff

If you've wondered why I've been absent from blogging it's because I have become a total coupon nerd.

I have a friend that I work with that has introduced me to Walgreens and the Sunday paper coupons.

I now have become addicted to getting things for free or next to nothing. Are these things always something I need? No. But who cares? It's free, right? I'm sure I'll use it at some point in time or give it away to someone in need.

Here is an example of a good buy.....Crest with Scope on sale for 2.49. 1.00 Sunday coupon and 1.00 Walgreens coupon and waaalaa (or Voila).... Crest with Scope .49 cents!!!! You can't beat that with a stick now can ya?

Now, here is an example of a good buy but not so good buy.....Nice and Easy Copper Red Hair Color on sale for 3.49. Sunday paper coupon for 3.00 and with the Walgreens coupon it made it FREE!!!

Does anyone need any Nice and Easy Copper Red Hair Color?? :))

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And the winner is...................

And the winner is........................

ANGELA @ Dimple Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Angela!!!!

I'll find out later this afternoon how we can get in touch to get your address!

Ya'll go on over and congratulate her!!!!! Thanks for everyone else who was fun!