Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm going to the BIG APPLE!!!!!

Yes!!! New York City!!!

I'm so excited. No, I'm more than that.....I can't even come up with a word to describe it except that it's a dream come true!!!
I have wanted to go to New York City since I was in high school!

(Every time I say "New York City" that salsa commercial comes to my mind....do you know the one? "New YORK CITY??? Get the rope...." hahahhhahahahhaa)

Anyway......My friend Jennifer called me up and said that her sister and sister's husband invited us to go along with them to NYC and the room was on them!!!! What??? YES!!!! So all I have to pay for is the plane ticket (186.00 to be exact) and money to eat with....can you say cheese and crackers???? I don't care if I have a dime to spend there as long as I get to sight see!!! (I'm looking for things to sell on ebay as you read this....)

First stop: Studio 1A Rockerfeller Plaza!!!! I love the Today show! Ya'll can help me with some poster ideas!!! :)
Second stop: EVERYWHERE ELSE!!!! ......Central Park, Times Square, ect, ect, ect....!!!!!
Third stop: If I find enough junk to sell on Ebay I want to see a Broadway Play!!!

So, I hope you don't see this as bragging or (Lisa) like a in-your-face kinda thing but it's just me spreadin' the joy!!!! :)))

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do you love to read?

I have found a new website that I love!

It's www.paperbackswap.com and it's awesome! Well, if you are patient, that is.

You post books that you have and you don't mind getting rid of into your online library. Once you have posted 10 books you get 2 free credits. These credits allow you to request books from other people for free! Once you request the book they will ship you their used copy for you to keep!

Now the catch is that if someone requests one of your books you are obligated to ship that book out to them. The dollar or two it takes to ship the book is so worth getting a book you have been wanting but don't want to spend out for a new book!

The other no-so-great-thing is that if you are requesting a book that everyone else is requesting then you have to wait in line for it...I am currently 1023 in line for a particular book...ha
I do have though two books on the way that I don't have to wait in line for, so go check it out!
(Oh, and those 10 books you list can be real duds...they don't care what they are...so either way you get two credits free just for listing even boring, dumb books! HA!)
One more thing...if you join, say that I referred you...I get a free credit when you list your 10 books! :)
My user name is mailgirl1978