Monday, October 29, 2007

Where are the clowns???

First of all, thank you Wendy for this material!!!

This past Saturday night a group from my church attended the Casting Crowns concert. It was awesome!!! Before the concert we ate at Ryans which was also awesome. There's nothin' like a basket full of buttery rolls just waiting to be devoured. Sorry to the girls who sat with me, I'm not sure if you even got one or not! HA!

Yes Melissa, I'm off my diet.

Anyway, as we were all walking into the civic center I overheard one couple in particular, I won't mention any names, (Robbie and Wendy) to save you from embarrassment. Well really Wendy I guess. Apparently neither one are Casting Crowns fans but were up for a date night regardless who was singing. Anyway, I heard Robbie saying "Where are the clowns??" followed by some laughing...This sparked my attention because A) I love to be in the middle of a good laugh, especially one that either makes you cry or your stomach hurt (unless you have just eaten a bazillion rolls at Ryans) and B) because I'm not entirely a fan of clowns. I thought to myself that if there were going to be clowns here I'm gettin' out of here! Not that I'm really scared of them...but just because I think they're dumb. Ok, yeah I'm scared of 'em.

So, come to find out, Wendy has thought the entire time that we were going to see "Casting Clowns"!!!! How hilarious is that??? She finally realizes when she gets their tickets before we left on Saturday when she read it and said "Oh, it's Casting Crowns, not clowns!" So, thanks Wendy for the laugh!!!

On a completely different note, I have a question to ask. Why do you not hear anything about the 'terrible three's'??? Now, I have a nine year old daughter who was, believe or not, three at one time. However, she cannot be compared to the average child because God sent me an angel because, I think, He knew I was going through enough already at the time!

Anyway, now I have Jack.

I love Jack, but Jack is three.


I have ordered a book for, ahem, a friend. Yes, this friend is in desparate need of this book. "Screamfree parenting".

Yeah, you got me. It's really for me.

I caught myself screaming like a maniac one day when I had heard enough "Mom, he won't stop doing this, or that, ect" so the next time I heard "Mom!" I replied oh so sweetly with "WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT" Please tell me I'm not the only one here! Please tell me it will get better. Is there a 'terrible four's' I should look forward to???

Maybe I just need a good clown to entertain him? Maybe not.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Another pink vaccuum!!!

Go on over to The Domestic Diva and enter to win this cute vaccuum!!! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Dyson has agreed to give away one of their Dyson Vacuum Cleaners in Pink! She is picking a winner on Novemeber 1st so hurry!

Play Dead

I found this link called I do dog tricks. Try it's the perfect time waster, especially if you have loads of laundry piled up everywhere but can't seem to pry yourself from the computer. You type in a command such as "speak", "jump", "dance", ect. My favorite of course is play dead. If only this would work on my mail route!!!! Oh, and it's not me doing the dog tricks. It's an actual dog.

Disclaimer: I really love animals so you people from PETA, quit calling me!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thankful Thursday

This has been a rough week but I'm pretty sure I can come up with some stuff I'm thankful for....let's see....

I'm thankful that it did not rain today. (Ok, maybe I should get my priorities straight)

I'm thankful that God has blessed me with a healthy family.

I'm thankful for my church family, they are becoming more and more special to me everyday!

I'm thankful for my Bible study group, I can have a mini-breakdown and they don't think I'm psycho. (Ya'll don't do you?)

I'm thankful to have a husband who will clean, give the kids a bath, and clean my car out from time to time (I do let him gripe at me when he has to do this, it's only fair when he has to dig out 2 bags of garbage out of it.)

I'm thankful for fall. I just LOVE fall. I love the leaves falling and the wind blowing through my hair (on my legs). Yes, it's also time for pants.

Yesterday I had a driving route and every now and then I would get this feeling that someone was looking at me. Usually its someone sitting on their porch waiting on me to bring their electric bill (yes, people. There are people out there who KNOW when their bills are supposed to delivered.) and I will usually wave. Well yesterday when I thought someone was looking at me I went to throw my hand up and it wasn't anyone eager for their bills. It was a scarecrow. Yep, ya know the decorations people put in there yard complete with hay bales? What's even crazier is that it happened more than once! HA! So here I am driving along, waving at scarecrows. I think I need a day off.

Most of all though, I'm thankful that Jesus came and died for my sins. (He did this for you too!) Without Him I am nothing! Until Sunday's message at church I thought believing was enough, but we must also confess that Jesus is Lord. I don't talk about Him enough in passing conversation and I should be shouting from the mountain tops!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away.......

If you stick your head out of the door today and hear's not the wind. It's me 25 miles away, walking in the rain. I'm on a walking route today and I've been a storm watcher this morning hoping and praying (Is it wrong to pray to God that I don't get wet today?) that the rain will pass before 10am!!!

A lot of people don't realize that mail carriers walk. My own daughter thinks all I do is ride around in a truck all day (I told her I was tired one evening and that was her response) and let me tell you, it's not easy keeping mail dry while your walking. So all you people with mailboxes on your porch, this is why your coupons are wet. Please don't ask me when you meet me at the door to get said coupons, "Are you staying dry?" This is the most horrible question to hear when rain is dripping off your nose. I might just flip out one day. Nah, I would never do that ;))

I'm sorry for a whiney post. Please just let me whine's raining.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Way too early for tricks!!!!

My brother is the most horrible person!!! Not really, but he played the most horrible trick on me using this:

I've covered this baby doll with a napkin because apparently our baby dolls don't wear clothes around here and I didn't want to get anyone after me for child pornography.......anyway...

My brother, his wife, and the babies were here this weekend looking for houses because he finally got tranferred to a post office close to home (YAY!!) and they were over Saturday night along with my sister and her family watching the Auburn game. (Was that the longest game ever or what??)

I was in a heated discusstion with my brother-in-law when my brother tapped me on the back and said "Brooke, hold him for a second." As I continued talking I turned with my arms already cradled ready to get my precious nephew. As soon as I did Joey dropped the "baby" and it was falling! I was like Auburn's defense (which wasn't very good Saturday night) trying to catch the most important fumble of the game. For a split second my nephew's future flashed before my eyes....brain damage, wheel-chair bound for life, and the emotional scarring of my own life as I live every day guilt ridden for dropping my nephew. The next split second I realized this baby is naked....neither one of those twins were naked the last time I looked at them!!! By this time the "baby" is now on the floor and everyone, especially my brother is laughing hysterically at me. At this point I don't care who's laughing. I feel like I just had a heart attack, or maybe I need to vomit, no, I'm crossing my legs because I think my bladder has just lost all function. Ashley said I was white as a ghost and once the blood rushed back to my face I ended up laughing too (as I was punching my brother for being so mean)!

So, next time we have people over for a game or any other function I am hiding all baby dolls!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I've been mamed...I mean memed!!!

My brain is totally fried from cramming this week for my second big test in child psychology but I'll see how well I can remember this stuff. I believe I have early symptoms of joke!

1. Four jobs I have had in my life

Niota Country Club
When I was 16 I went to live with my Dad and worked here as a bus girl. I didn't drive a bus but cleared tables....just wanted to clear that up....anyway....the Mayfield people (yes as in milk) were members of this country club and I got the oppurtunity to see Scotty Mayfield drunk. You can imagine the fun I had with that one....."Where's your bow tie....what flavor will come out next?" We also took some golf carts out in the middle of the night and jumped hills on the golf course...not me and Scotty...just me and some of the waitresses and the cooks. Fun times.

C and H Drugs and Section Pharmacy

When I was hired at the pharmacy my senior year of high school I realized this is what I wanted to for the rest of my life. I worked for both of these pharmacies while attending college for pre-pharmacy. Just before applying to pharmacy school in Auburn I found out I was pregnant with Madeline. I was devastated but she is now one of the best things God has ever given me!

Various Sock Mills and Plant jobs Nothing glamorous about these jobs. Just working to survive at this point.

U.S. Postal ServiceThis is where I am currently employed. Even though I like to make jokes and whine about this job, I am truly blessed by God to have it! I love to deliver mail on nice sunny beautiful days!!!!

2. Four movies I can watch over and over

1. You've got mail....ok you knew I had to go with this one!!! I love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks!!!!!

2. Sleepless in Seattle...ok another Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie.

3. Titanic....."I'll never let you go....."

4. Ok this is a tie between Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing....I mean, how do you expect me to pick between the two of these???

I have to add that if you have not seen "Return to Me" with David Duchovy and Minnie it now!!! This would be my 5th choice!!!!! HA!

3. Four Shows I Watch on T.V.

Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Heroes, and The Bachelor (yes it's totally pathetic to see 25 women act retarded over a man but I still seem to find some entertainment in it! HA

4. Four Place I have Vacationed

A cruise ship to Mexico, Charleston, SC, Gatlinburg, TN, and Daytona Beach, FL (the worst trip of my life...maybe I'll blog about it one day!)

5. Four of my favorite dishes

Just four? Oh gosh....let's just make it easy and say anything pasta, anything cheesy, anything bready, and anything with sugar in it. And I wonder why I have a weight problem.....

6. Four places I'd Rather Be

1.In my bed 2. Somewhere tropical with Scotty Mayfield...just kidding, well only if he brought some Moose Tracks 3. Somewhere tropical 4. Somewhere tropical

Ok...whew...that was exhuasting...Now I must tag someone...hmmmmm I think I'll tag Melissa over at I'm Thinking.....!!!!! Love ya girl! Have fun!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thank you Dave Ramsey!

You Dave, are next on my list to thank following Christopher Columbus! Now, you didn't accidently discover America BUT you have helped America to receive financial peace!!!! Now I can't yet say that I'm one of those said Americans but I'm at least headed in the right direction!
A group from our church has just finished FPU (Financial Peace University) and I believe we have learned a lot of concepts that will help us achieve financial freedom! I have found though that gaining the knowledge was EASY! It's applying this knowledge to our lifestyle that has been tough! This goes along with my weight issues. I know how to lose the weight it's just having the discipline to do it!

I also want to thank you Dave for the friendships that I have gained from this group! It is so nice to be able to fellowship with Christian friends and encourage one another throughout this class. Our lives can be so busy that sometimes we don't take the time to get to know our fellow churchgoers and this gave us the oppurtunity to learn, laugh, and laugh some more. Our last session was especially moving...spiritually yes, but also in a biological manner. Ahem. My bladder. One of our friends made some lovely coconut cookies to which became one of our biggest laughs of the night. I won't go into any details because even though I didn't mean what I said in how it sounded, it probably won't sound any better repeated here.

12 pack of Coke $3

Financial Peace University Kit $91

Brooke saying the most inappropriate thing without meaning to....priceless.

Did I just use a credit card slogan in my thank you note to Dave Ramsey? HA!

A special thanks also to Dwayne and Holly C. for putting their time and effort to instruct this class. Thank you also to our church for supporting us in this, I really believe this class has and will continue to impact those of us who took part in it!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Christopher Columbus Day!!!!!!

Oh Chris, how I thank thee for not thinking the world is flat and for embarking on thee long journey to discover America! Had thy not, thine own mailgirl would not have been off today
our country would not be the same!!!!

I don't really have anything to blog about lately....I've been kinda BLAH! I have started yet another's Monday ya know....*sigh* I know I'm beautiful in the eyes of God but I don't feel it! I wish I had God's mirror and was able to see what He sees. I try to avoid mirrors at all possible but as I'm walking past one I get a glimpse and I'm disgusted! There is a Carmen Electra inside of me DYING to get out!!! ->->->->->->->->->->->

Maybe whoever reads this can hold me accountable to this diet! This is me pleading for help! HELP!!! Food to me is like a drug to an addict. The only problem is that a drug addict doesn't need small portions of a drug to live!!!! I mean, could you imagine a meth addict choosing a smaller, less potent substance just to be able to live knowing he/she COULD easily have the #1 combo with cheese instead of the grilled chicken salad with fat free dressing? LOL Yes, I have totally lost it! LOL LOL LOL

I may be MIA for the next several days. I have a test on Friday (wish me luck!) and after the test I will be making another road trip to see my twin nephews!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Ok. Maybe I can't go totally wordless. I need to explain "the look".

9 year old. Riding with brother on Dumbo ride. Not cool.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP and *cough, cough*

I'll get to the "cough, cough" later but first let me hear a "WHOOP,WHOOP!!!" A friend and I went to the Big Spring Jam in Huntsville last night to see Barlowgirl and Toby Mac. They were awesome!!!! I'm seriously thinking of taking up either electic guitar or drum lessons. Hey, I don't think I'm too old to start up a band! Who's with me?

Barlowgirl had a good message to the girls in the crowd. They challenged them to stay pure and to not even DATE!!! What a great idea!!! Madeline is gonna HATE me! HA! I don't know how realistic this would be to do but I know it would cut down on the temptations that young girls face while dating.

Now when Toby Mac was about to come on stage Jennifer and I pushed our way through hundreds of teenagers to get as close as we could. Lisa, aka thepreacherswife told me to get some good pictures so we did what we had to do!! HA! Toby, yeah we're on first name basis now, was SOOO fun to watch! My feet were killing me an hour into it but I DID NOT want to go sit down! Here are some pictures I took! I took pictures until my camera's batteries died! Click on link(top right) to see more!
Well the next morning I felt nothing like the teenager in me that emerged the night before! HA! I have been sneezing for a few days now but brushed it off as allergies. WRONG! I woke up Sunday morning with my mouth open, slightly parched, with snot running down the side of my face. Yes, I know it's lovely but to get the full effect of how I really felt I must go into graphic detail. Isn't that what blogging is all about? HA! As I was grabbing for tissue or heck, my pillowcase, I noticed that man, my neck and back really hurt. I must have really outdone myself with the breakdancing last night! Wrong again. I'm sure of it now as I try to get up. Yes, I'm on the brink of death. I reach out for Jamie to tell him how much I love him and to be sure and take care of the kids when I'm gone.....but nothing but snores....well I guess I'm glad I'm really not dying....HA! I'm such a whine bag!
When we become moms are we supposed to suck it up and go on or can we still lie around on the couch all day drifting in and out of conciousness? Well I, being the loser mom that I am, chose the latter of the two. I even remember asking Jamie in one wave of alert conciousness "Didn't you say you would love me through sickness and health?" I guess I didn't think he was petting me enough. Ya know the commercial...I think It's Campbell Soup....where the guy brings the girl a bowl of steaming hot soup. Yeah, that's what I call love......HA!
He did go and get us Taco Bell for lunch...I love those cheesy beefy melts...I mean I love that man!
So, I guess next time I go see Toby Mac I think I'll take some Vitamin C before I go!!!! (He will be in Chattanooga this Friday night!!!! I thought about taking Madeline, I think she would love it! If I'm well that is!;p )

Love, Brookie, Brooks, Brookish, or Brookster...whichever you like.