Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear Mr. City Cop,

Why do you want to pull me over?
Don't you know I'm in a hurry?
Yes, I know I don't have a tag, or proof of insurance, or a bill of sale, and I was speeding
but hey, we're pals, right?
We both work to serve the public
(you do want your mail don't ya?)
I'm wearing a uniform can't you see?
Cut me a break, I just bought this car
see, poke your head in here, it still has that new car smell!
Well ok, just walk back to your car with my license then.....
Please Lord.....I'm sorry I didn't pray this morning but can you listen now?
Ok...where are the tears....oh forget it, I just put my makeup on
I'm gonna hurt my brother for this
He didn't have to take the tag yet...
yeah, I know...maybe it wasn't his fault I was speeding
or that I didn't have my insurance card with me
but I gotta blame somebody right now
Oh here he comes....
great. He has a clipboard. not a good sign.
Yada. Yada. Yada. get a bill of sale..slow it's your ticket.
So, thanks Mr. City Cop for doing such a great job today
You deserve something really great but nothing really comes to mind right now
Have a nice day?
Yep. there's nothing like being late for work AND having a ticket
Have a nice day too!
Sincerely, The Mailgirl

**I went to the city hall after work with my proof of insurance and they dismissed it.