Thursday, January 15, 2009

The new face of Mr. Clean

Gazelle rechargeable vacuum on major clearance at Walgreens: $12

4-old-son vacuuming: Priceless

Look at his face, ha. He loved it. He vacuumed until it ran out of charge!

*I'm moving him on to the bathroom when he gets done here. ;))

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Days Three, Four, and Five of weight loss journey.....

Have you ever been excited when you get diarrhea???

Yeah, me neither.

Well, except for when I'm on a diet and I eat something I shouldn't...hahahha
I may be completely nuts but my thought process while my stomach is cramping is: "I ate, I swallowed, and now wooohooo it's a goin' on through me!!!!"

Now for all you anonymous commenters out there...I'm joking. I do not have eating disorder. I do not self induce said diarrhea. I just enjoy it when it happens. In the words of Napolean Dynamite, "GOSH!!!"

Madeline had a cheer competition in Birmingham and we were there for about 5 stinkin' hours! I was shaking because of my sugar problem, (I've self diagnosed this) so I convinced myself that I needed a fat pretzel smothered with salt and butter. Oh it was so good going down but I paid for it later!!!! I then was in a bathroom with 50 teenage cheerleaders rocking back and forth telling God I will never have another pretzel again.

So, what I'm wondering I have to count those points??? :))

I have done well otherwise and can't wait to weigh in Thursday evening! I hope I've lost 50 pounds!!! A girl can wish right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dear Ms. Anonymous.........

Well I've received my first critical anonymous comment. While I'm happy to see traffic coming to my blog, I'm not one for criticism...ha. Especially when its about my then newly potty trained 3 year old son. The post was about Jamie teaching Jack to pee standing up when Jack FINALLY decided to start using the potty.

Puppy dog tails....and pee on the seat?

There is the post and now here is the anonymous comment:

Anonymous said...
I live in a house with two housemates, one male, David, and one female, Teresa. (I'm female). Recently Teresa admitted to me that she stepped into a puddle of pee on the bathroom floor that David had left and was on the warpath. (They share the upstairs bathroom.) I had left a note in the downstairs bathroom that said, "After using the toilet remember to put the toilet seat down and wipe up all spill/spray. Thanks." This seemed to discourage David from using that bathroom, but his antics continue upstairs.

Now I see this blog and I realize: the mothers are enablers!!!! Why do you gals put up with this? why is it YOUR job to clean up after your husbands/sons? In addition to leaving pee around the toilet sat, he leaves whiskers/hair in the sink (he's one of the bald guys who shaves his head). Teresa and I have had it and are giving him an ultimatum: either he cleans up after himself or he leaves.

Ladies, why do you put up with this? Please teach your sons to clean up after themselves, because if you don't you're going to be handing their untidy habits to future girlfriends/wives. Imagine how well the guys would take if if we left drops of menstrual blood all over the toilet seat! What, you got a problem with that, fella? Can't imagine why!!!! so why are you putting up with the pee?

Dear Mrs. Anonymous,

Thank you for encouraging me not to enable my newly potty trained son when he misses his aim. I will definitely consider his future wife (we don't encourage living in with a girlfriend) as I make him clean up his urine out of the floor before we head to daycare.
Secondly, I thank you for encouraging me to not put up with my husband for also missing his aim. I will now either:
a.) nag him continually every day for the rest of my life, or
b.) or just leave him because now I realize I just shouldn't put up with this sort of thing!

Now, you can probably tell but I was being a little sarcastic. I will definitely NOT make my son clean the bathroom floor and will definitely NOT nag or leave my husband for things that you say I shouldn't put up with. Sadly, the truth is, if the toilet gets cleaned my husband is actually the one to do it. However, in Ephesians chapter 5 the Bible states that I should respect my husband. I can request that he stop peeing on the seat but I will not be giving him any ultimatums to clean up or leave! Lastly, it doesn't sound like you have a husband or children so come on back over and chat when you do!

Sincerely, Brooke

Maybe I should have ignored this comment and went on about my day but like Sarah Palin said in an interview, if you start attacking my children/family a mama bear rises up in me!!!!
(She may or may not have used a different animal in the interview, ha)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day Two..........

I've been on the scale like three times today. Why have I not lost any weight yet??? ha

I ran out of points like sometime around lunch time.........

I'm going to Dairy Queen. If no one sees me it doesn't count.

Ok. Maybe I won't. But I want to. Like really bad.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Here I go again............

Here I go again on my own
Going down the only road I've ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
But I've made up my mind
I ain't wastin' no more time


SO. Here. I. GO. Again. *sigh*

Ok, so that's the words to some song that popped in my head as I was going to sleep last night...hahaha I added my own line though. I'm starting Weight Watchers today for the like the third time. I've also done every other diet known to man, well except for the grapefruit one. I just can't do grapefruit.

I just feel like I've been down this road SOOOO many times and hoping this time, this time I will be successful and STAY successful! I'm so tired of struggling with my weight and I'm SO tired of being fat!

I think the problem is is that I want a rockin' hot body! I just don't think I can ask God to help me when I want to lose weight for the wrong reasons. I need to do it for myself, my health, and my family.

Please say a little prayer for me today. (Pray that I don't have all my points gone by lunch time. Ha!)

I'll post about the puppy soon!!! We've had our hands full, that's for sure!