Thursday, November 1, 2007

Does anyone have the number for poison control?

Ok. Obviously I'm not really panicking because instead of waiting on comments from my blog friends I would be googling this matter...maybe I should. Hold on.

Ok. I'm back. I think we're gonna be ok. The worst that could come of this is headache, fever, and some bloody diarrhea.

I came home from work today feeling a little domestic. Notice I said "a little". I broke out the Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup and found a recipe on the inside of the label and had some chicken that needed to be used before it became another smelly thing in my fridge. Now, I'm totally weird when it comes to chicken. I despise handling it and have an immense fear of Salmonella poisoning. Raw chicken is just gross and I'm spending half the time in the kitchen washing my hands before I touch anything after I've touched the slimy gross chicken.

So, I start with pounding the chicken with a can of cream of chicken soup. No, the recipe doesn't call for this but I saw it on some cooking show I usually just watch for entertainment...not practical use. I did, however, remember that to make the chicken thinner you can pound it with something. Anyway, you can thank me later for the tip, as I was doing this Jack came in and decided he would stick his fingers in the raw chicken pack. Before I can throw down the can and grab him, he sticks his fingers in his mouth.

Did I tell you I received my book "Screamfree Parenting" in the mail yesterday? I'm on the third chapter but It hasn't given me any information on what to do if your child licks raw chicken. So, I'm not sure what I yelled ...maybe something about bacteria....what did you think it was a cupcake??....something like that as I'm running him to the bathroom, feeling the vomit rise to my throat. I thoroughly wash his hands 4 times and when I turn the water off he looks up at me and says, "I love you, mama". I can't help but smile as I put my hands around his neck to choke him hug him close and tell him I love him too.

Well supper is over and I still can't stomach the lovely chicken I baked for my precious family. Maybe later I'll eat some Frosted Flakes. :))


The Preacher's Wife said...

One of my boys ate his brother's doo doo from the training potty (didn't know it was there) once so you are totally off the hook with raw chicken. I called my best nurse friend crying because I was sure he would get e.coli and die.

he wasn't saying 'i love you'...he was too busy choking on the soap I was washing his tongue and baby teeth with...

kids - you can't live with them and you can't live with them.


Becky said...

LOL, I'm sorry for laughing, but that is SOOO like my son. He does crazy, inexplicable stuff like that all the time. He'll pick up some random piece of lint off the floor and eat it. I saw this once and was like, "What? We don't feed you enough in this house that you have to resort to lint? This is not the Serengeti desert...all you have to do is ask, and we'll give you all the food you want!" But the grossest thing is when he's done that and it crunches. "Can-ny" he says. Like it's candy?! No telling what got dragged in the door! (Ewwww~)

I guess it could be worse, though. My nephew Kody, when he was a little tot of about 2, crawled under a table at a pizza place and came up with a mouthful of bubble gum. (I gagged telling his mom, but she just rolled her eyes like it was no biggie). We were talking already chewed, old, stuck-on-the-bottom-of-he-table gum. NASTY

Kellan said...

Brooke - this was so funny! No, the recipe doesn't call for this but I saw it on some cooking show- hysterical to me! I loved this post and I often do the same thing - go for a bowl of cereal when I'm not "into" what I cooked for dinner. Good post! Have a good day.

Sue said...

OK, I had to follow you from the comment on my blog, and I'm so glad I did, because ha ha ha ha ha!!! Chicken makes me all crazy too. Glad I am not the only one.

Dimple Queen said...

After the comment you left on my post about potty training I HAD to come find this one and read it and I am SO glad I did. I NEEDED this rolling laughter this morning. Actually I read several before I got to this one! You are stinkin' (no pun intended) FUNNY! I think I will have to add you to my sidebar of places to visit.