Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How many times can a dog crap in an 8 hour period, you ask?

Answer: Four

Sshhhhh!!! Madeline doesn't know it yet but she's getting a puppy for Christmas. We adopted one from petfinder.com and I went to pick it up Sunday afternoon. I didn't take Jack this time.......and they let me have the dog.....that's another story for those of you who don't already know! ha

So, I've been keeping "puppy" in the mud room and I woke Monday morning to four piles of crap and 4 wet spots.......UGH.
I've been able to hide "puppy" from Madeline because she's been staying with my mother and father in law. Jamie's sister and her kids are here from Charleston so that has kept her occupied for now.....2 more days and then she'll be cleaning up the doo doo!!!! hahaha Merry Christmas, Maddie!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I've been so busy running I haven't had time to blog!



I just don't have too much to blog about lately......

I haven't fell .....

No dog bites.....

Just lots of whining about how cold it is....

Have I mentioned that I hate cold weather????

Maybe in the spring I will start my 5K training.....anyone with me????




Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Couch to 5K in 3 months.......


Yeah. I seriously doubt it.

So, my sister recently ran her first 5k and won first place in her age division. So being the first born in my family I simply cannot be one upped by my sister..........


yeah, I'm gonna rethink this when I get up in the morning...it's 1am.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's play a game!!!!

We played a game similar to this at one of our Angel meetings. (to all of you non-angels, this is just another word for GNO or girl's night out)
It was hilarious! We went around the room and everyone had to say one thing they have never done....we got some really interesting responses...

Wendy you really do need to try wearing your pj's all day...it is awesome!!!! :)

This game is fairly similar...just copy and paste and highlight the ones you have done before....hey, I'm tryin' to blog everyday! (we'll see how long that goes..ha)

Swam with wild dolphin Not sure this one was considered wild but who on earth has really swam with a wild dolphin? This one was a Mexican dolphin!

Taken a Ferrari for a test drive
Been inside a Pyramid
Held a tarantula
Taken a candle lit bath
Said I love you and meant it
Hugged a Tree
Bungee jumped
Visited Paris
Watched a lightening storm at sea
Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise Umm..this was probably pre-children

Seen the Northern Lights
Gone to a huge sports game
Walked the stairs to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Grown and eaten your own vegetables- sadly no, I'm not much of a gardener...I can't even keep house plants alive......

Touched an iceberg
Slept under the stars
Changed a baby’s diaper
Taken a trip in a hot air balloon
Watched a meteor shower

Gotten drunk on champagne I have to explain this one. I can't just highlight this one and move on....When I was 16 I moved to my dad's in Tennessee. I worked for a fancy smancy country club as a bus girl...I didn't drive a bus, I cleaned tables. Anyway, they had a huge New Year's Eve party and while I was cleaning tables at 2am (I worked with my older step-sister) I took advantage of the champagne bottles lying around....there I said it. I don't think I was really drunk but what I thought was drunk at 16......yeah, I'm gonna stop here.

Given more than you can afford to charity
Looked up at the night sky through a telescope
Had an uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment
Had a food fight
Bet on a winning horse
Asked out a stranger
Had a snowball fight
Screamed as loudly as you possibly can Daily
Held a lamb
Seen a total eclipse
Ridden a rollercoaster
Hit a home run
Danced like a fool, not caring who watched
Adopted an accent for an entire day
Actually felt happy about your life, even for a moment
Had two hard drives for your computer
Visited all 50 states
Taken care of someone who was too drunk Daily. hahaha just kidding.
Had amazing Friends still do!
Danced with a Stranger in a foreign country -seriously? this is something someone would want to do?
Watched wild whales I look in the mirror daily
Stolen a sign
Hitchhiked in Europe
Taken a road-trip
Gone rock climbing
Midnight walk on the beach
Gone sky diving
Visited Ireland
Been heartbroken longer than you were in love
In a restaurant sat at a stranger’s table and ate with them Jamie and I sat with a couple while we were on our cruise last year...and still keep in touch with email!

Visited Japan
Milked a cow
Alphabetized your CDs
Pretended to be a superhero
Sung karaoke OH YEAH!!!!!!!
Lounged around in bed all day OH YEAH AGAIN!!!!!
Posed nude in front of strangers - are you kidding me???
Gone scuba diving
Kissed in the rain
Played in the mud
Played in the rain
Gone to a drive-in theater
Visited the Great Wall of China
Started a business
Fallen in love and not had your heart broken
Toured ancient sites Mayan ruins on our trip to Cancun!
Taken a martial arts class
Played a computer game for more than 6 hours straight umm possibly? I sometimes have no concept of time when I sit at the computer!
Gotten married
Been in a movie
Crashed a party
Gotten divorced
Gone without food for 5 days -hahhahahahhahahahahhhaha NO
Made cookies from scratch Home Ec. 9th grade. Never again.
Won first prize in a costume contest
Ridden a gondola in Venice
Gotten a tattoo
Rafted the Snake River
Been on television news program as an “expert”
Got flowers for no reason
Performed on a stage Oh yeah! Karaoke, baby!
Been to Las Vegas
Recorded Music
Eaten shark
Had a one-night stand
Gone to Thailand
Bought a house
Been in a combat zone
Buried one/both of your parents
Been on a cruise ship
Spoken more than one language fluently
Performed in Rocky Horror
Raised children Still at it.
Followed your favorite band/singer on tour - I seriously thought about it when I was in the sixth grade and in love with New Kids On The Block.
Taken an exotic bicycle tour in a foreign country
Picked up and moved to another city Does this count when you are 9 and have no choice in the matter?
Walked on the Golden Gate Bridge
Sang loudly in the car and didn’t stop when you knew someone was looking
Had plastic surgery
Survived an accident that you shouldn’t have
Wrote articles for a large publication
Lost over 100 lbs -need to.
Held someone while they were having a flashback
Piloted an airplane
Petted a stingray
Broken someone’s heart Daily.
Helped an animal give birth
Won money on a TV game show
Broken a bone Do toes count?
Gone on an African safari
Had a body part below the neck pierced -gross
Fired a rifle, shotgun or pistol
Eaten mushrooms gathered in the wild
Ridden a horse
Had major surgery
Had a snake as a pet
Hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
Slept for more than 30 hours over 48 consecutive hours
Visited more foreign countries than US States
Visited all 7 continents
Taken a canoe trip that lasted more than 2 days
Eaten Kangaroo meat
Eaten sushi
Had your picture in the paper
Changed someone’s mind about something you care deeply about -I'm working on this one. My brother is a democrat.

Gone back to school
Petted a cockroach- never have, never will
Eaten fried green tomatoes
Read the Illiad
Selected one important author who you missed school to read
Killed and prepared an animal for eating
Skipped all of your school reunions
Communicated with someone without sharing a common language Deliver mail to large hispanic community. I have found if you talk louder they will finally understand you......hahahhahaa

Been elected to public office
Written your own computer language
Thought to yourself that you’re living your dream
Had to put someone you love in hospice care
Build your own PC from parts
Sold your own artwork to someone that didn’t know it was yours
Had a booth in a street fair
Dyed your hair
Been a DJ
Shaved your head
Caused a car accident
Saved someone’s life

Well that was fun.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm not emotionallly unstable.......or am I?

Sorry if there are any dudes reading this today but I woke up this morning and realized why I was so emo at the Trunk or Treat last night.

Yep. The curse. Showed up totally unannounced. Can you say "RUDE"?

Hindsight I'm always thinking, "Gosh, no wonder I was so psycho..." hahahhahaha

I'm off today and trying to get myself motivated enough to clean.

Is it horrible that I'm letting my son eat Skittles for breakfast?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trunk or Treat Nightmare

My day started out fairly well.
Jack got his clothes on by himself.
My car started. (it's a rental, it's new and of course it started but I'm just grabbing for positives here.)
I got to work on time.

That's all I can come up with except for the yummy pizza I had at lunch.

The rest of the day went a little something like this:

My postmaster told me that her super duper computer program, also known as DOIS, was saying that I was 43 minutes under 8 hours and that I needed to take some mail from another route to put me at 8 hours. I agreed to take 30 but my 30 and her 30 were not matching up............long story short.....I dislike DOIS very much.

I had circulars. I really hate to complain but I just need to clarify why I had a breakdown at the Trunk or Treat....please, keep reading.
Circulars are pieces of mail that every house gets. I'm sure you probably even got one today yourself! Take a moment and thank your mail carrier for those lovely Pizza Hut, Captain D's, and Papa John coupons that were left in your mailbox today!

I hurried home because the Trunk or Treat started at 5:30 instead of what I thought was 6! After getting changed we all were involved in a search hunt for Jack's Incredible Hulk mask. It was nowhere. Jack didn't care, but I did. Why? I'm not real sure.

We made a stop at the Dollar Store to get batteries. It was very imperative that we had batteries for the strobe light going in the pumpkins that we carved last night. I mean, I didn't do that for nothin' right?

We finally made it to the church like 40 minutes late. I get out, grab the keys, and start getting the trunk ready for the fifteen kids already waiting at the back of my car. I quickly threw them some candy so I could prepare my masterpiece. I spread out the blankets that I so brilliantly remembered to bring, displayed my wonderful array of candy and prepared to also display my wonderfully, beautifully, carved pumpkins.

Batteries, check.
Pumpkins, check.
strobe light for pumpkins. Left it at home. Great.

I look around to the other vehicles as I'm carelessly throwing candy at the kids as they walk up. Look at all these nice put together trunks I thought to myself....how do these people have it all together?

I mean, one of my new found best friends, Deedra, has a toddler, a baby, and a broke foot, yet her vehicle was lit up with Halloween greatness....

there was Holli with her vehicle decorated with ghosts and pumpkins.....

there was Debra and Alan with their annual Alabama decorated trunk........

there was another decorated in Georgia...no clue who would do that... :P

Judith and Tony.....they have to have electrical outlets just to display their creative greatness every year.....

Me, I can't even remember the light to put in a single pumpkin. Can't keep up with my son's costume. Can't even......hey, where did I put the keys???

Yep, this is when the nightmare really began.

I search all the obvious places first. My pockets, the floor board, in between the seats, under the car, in the trunk, my pockets one more time, I asked Jamie at least 5 times, "Are you sure I didn't give them to you?", the ignition, cup holders, my pockets again,......

Then, like a movie rewinding I watched myself get out of the car and grab the candy bowl....remember the fifteen kids already waiting for candy? yeah, so did I. I grabbed the candy bowl, frantically digging through what was left. Crap, only Starbursts and Skittles.

My mind finally lets me realize that I gave a trick or treater my keys.

I run over to about 50 kids who were waiting to go on a hayride. I can't get them to shut up long enough for them to look in their bags of candy so I do the only thing I know to do. Cry.

I walk back to the fellowship hall, seriously trying not to lose it when Deedra (you remember, my new found best friend?) was very concerned when she saw that I was upset. I was touched. Until I told her what I did and she laughed at me. Thanks Deedra, you are a super pal. :)
Oh, and Judith gave me some wonderful words of encouragement....
"Gosh Brooke, half the kids have already left........"

I cringed and hung my head in total humiliation as someone announced in the fellowship hall..."Everyone check their bags of candy for a set of keys!"

So...then my good friends Lisa and Sharlyn took charge and marched themselves down to the hayride and told the kids that the tractors wouldn't start up until everyone had checked their bags.

Whatdaya know.....the keys turned up....in someone's trick or treat bag. Could you imagine being the kid that got home and dumped all their candy out and was like, "Saaaweet, car keys!"

I'm sure this won't be the last time I hear about this...but it's ok..I was able to laugh about it once I had the keys back in my possession! Deedra you're forgiven...just be glad I didn't stomp your good foot!!! HA~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So I'm tryin' to blog...........

and Lisa sends me this:

Apparently she thought I needed some repairs with photoshop. I think she just wanted me to look like a cryin' rodeo clown........what do you think??? Hahahahahahaha
I think I need to go to bed....stay tuned for my eventful flight home from San Antonio!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

God Stop Friday

So I'm copycatting (is that a word, and if so, did I spell it right? Did I use my commas correctly in that last sentence?) Patty by using last Friday's event...which in case anyone has forgotten was Beth Moore in San Antonio, TX!!! :))

Although I met A LOT of wonderful women, my God stop moment was meeting my new friends, Elizabeth and Tammy. Out of the hundreds of women staying in the Marriot we (Lisa and I) ran into these two women in the elevator. I wasn't gonna speak first because you know I'm so shy (ha), but Tammy wasn't going to let me get away with that! She poked me on the shoulder and I don't really remember what was said after that but she became my "touchy-feely" friend. Friday evening as we waited in line to go to our seats I got to know more about Elizabeth. I found that we were a lot alike (of course we were, inside joke) and it was as if we had been friends forever! I truly believe, and as she wrote in my Siesta cookbook (thanks Holly!), that God brought us together for a reason!!!
So, thank you Tammy and Elizabeth for a wonderful time in San Antonio and I hope to share many more memories with you!!! I love ya'll!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hopelessly Devoted to You

Anyone want a repeat of Saturday's song??? Here ya go.....

Wordless Wednesday

Ok. I've never been good at this wordless thing. I have to explain this pic...LOL
Jamie and I both wear contacts, so when I packed up for San Antonio I left him the contact solution and found what I thought was a travel box that contained solution and a case. M-O-R-O-N!!!!

Anyway so Friday morning I asked Lisa if she had some solution (I was a little afraid to use mystery solution) and she had also left hers at home...so, off I go to put my contacts in. It was a good thing Lisa was blow drying her hair because I was screaming like a little girl. Apparently what I had used was not solution but some kind of enzyme cleaner....yeah, moron. I can't even begin to describe the pain but I do know that pulling my whole eyeball out did cross my mind. Once I pulled the contact off my searing pupil/lens/eyeball I began giving myself an eye bath to put out the fire.

Lisa still has no idea....well until I come out holding a washcloth to my eye. She digs out her Visine (the picture was taken after the Visine, I was in too much pain to think of blogging moments at the time) but I tell her NO WAY am I putting anything else in my eye!!! I give in a few minutes later mainly because I thought of something funny to do (imagine that)

Lisa was curling her hair as I begin putting the Visine in my eye. I then reenact what really happened when I put the enzyme cleaner in my eye as I clutch my eye, screaming again like a little girl. If only I had taken a picture of Lisa...HAHAHAHAHA She was so about to call 911...hahahahahahhahaha

More to come!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Siesta Fiesta Recap

Well it has taken me a couple of days to get rested up enough to post about this....
so here it goes.

I'd like to show ya'll that in the beginning of this trip I was reserved, quiet, and shy. Ok. Maybe not shy, but I was reserved. Here is a picture of me on Thursday with a group of women that took the riverboat cruise. I look pretty reserved, right? I'm on the bottom row, dark hair, blue shirt...next to Lisa.

Fast forward to Saturday night at the Fiesta PJ party...umm not so reserved. I'm the one in the middle, ahem, the one hogging the mike.

First of all I have say a big, Texas, "I'm sorry" to Tammy. She's the blonde beside me who would like to sing into the mike but never has the chance to. Tammy, I'm like SO sorry. I'm just so glad you didn't cry. Had I shared the mike with Elizabeth I'm not quite sure that she wouldn't have...(inside joke)

Anyway, I'm not real sure what came over me. One minute we all decided to sing together and then the next minute I'm totally sounding like Sandy/Olivia Newton-John and not only do I sound like her...I actually morph into her. I'm all of a sudden in my long sleeve gown in Frenchie's (or is it Rizz) backyard singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You". I even see Danny's face in a pool of water as I drop my perfumed paper into it........
Next thing I know, I'm back at the PJ party and the song is over! Ha!

Thanks to Holly, Tammy, Joanne, and Elizabeth for so much fun during this song!!! Thanks to Kate for taking the picture...if you didn't I might not have had a memory of this event! :P

Also to my karaoke sister, Georgia....I can't believe no one took our picture!!! Surely someone out there has one!!! You are like my singing soul mate...for realz.
I'm glad we live in the same hemisphere 'cause we have to get our karaoke groove on as soon as possible. How 'bout getting us a gig up there in Nashville??? I might just move the whole fam out there so we can make it big!!!

More on San Antonio later!!!!!

Sweet Joanne sent me some pics of me and Georgia!!! Thanks Joanne!!!!!
Ok...I'm not sure what we were laughing about but this is what took place during the ENTIRE PJ party!!!! This is what you call a horse laugh! HA! Look at my legs, this isn't a celebrity pose....it's a "tryin' not to pee my pants" pose...hahahahaha
Jenny...didn't you get me some Depends when you were on your Supermarket Sweep????

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hey Peeps!

To my peeps that I met in San Antonio:

I will be posting soon.....I really wanted to jump in here and sit on the computer all evening reading everyone's blogs but I guess I need to spend a little time with the fam. If you are a little confused about whether you are on the right blog because the pictures don't really match what you saw in San Antonio.....don't worry...it is me...I was just a little bloated and maybe the next time you see me I will have taken a fluid pill or something. :)

Well until I can entertain you with my fly home story, go check out some of my favorite posts of mine under the disgruntled postman down below!

Love ya'll,
PS If you were there for the kareoke....I'm so, so, sorry............. :))

Thursday, August 21, 2008

San Antonio or bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey gals! I'm currently inside the Huntsville airport waiting to board our plane! Just thought I'd drop a line and say hi! So, hi!
We (Lisa and I ) are going to the Beth Moore conference and we can't wait to meet all the fiesta gals! I'm also gonna work on my new hobby while we're there...go check it out at geocaching.com. (Yes, I'm a total NERD!) :))
I'll post some pics when we get back!!!!
Yeehawwwww or Ole....whateva W>

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do.........

So, I am still alive.....I am about to turn 30 though, so you never know....life could be over really soon :p (more on that to come...I promise.)

My pal and preacher's wife, Lisa, posted about a brain test that she has recently taken and I thought that that might make for an interesting topic for my blog as well. So...here it goes....

Tell me what you think....are they close?

Brooke, your results indicate a strong left-hemisphere dominance with a mild
preference for auditory processing. This blend would suggest that you are an
extremely efficient person, logical perhaps to an extreme. You tend to
your life and learning in very precise ways.

You benefit
experience, seek the rational in situations and feel most comfortable

You are a detail person. You see each piece of a
puzzle or
situation with equal clarity and value, and thrive on your ability
to fit each
piece into a unifying structure.

Your learning style
tends toward the
auditory, which suggests that you process inputs
sequentially and classify each
before moving on to the next. You do,
however, possess sufficient visualization
skills and interest to supplement
the auditory tendency and render you more
active than a person who is purely

In all likelihood you will
be somewhat reserved in
appreciating your own talents and understate your
abilities even to
yourself. You will organize your time and set schedules for
yourself and, in
that sense, lose sight of spontaneity and other needs - both of
yourself and
others. Your enviable organization, structure, and efficiency make
you a
valuable asset to a team effort.

This sentence:

You benefit from experience, seek the rational in situations and feel most comfortable with routine.

....is the only one that makes sense to me but still doesn't fit the bill....
I really do LOVE routines but that doesn't mean I ever have one. And really, who doesn't benefit from experience??? :))

So all in all I'm not really feelin' this brain test....go check out Lisa's! Her results are right on the money!!! HA!

More to come on my impending doom (30th birthday) and my new hobby...(like I need another one) thanks to Postmaster Earl.....If you somehow run across this, a big thanks to ya...this hobby actually helps me spend more time with my children!!!! (sad, huh?)

Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm gonna post soon...really.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Sleepovers

My daughter is having a friend over tonight..........

and they are in there cleaning. For fun.

What does that say about my house?

Deb, I've changed my mind about Amber. I want Ally. :))

(No offense Amber, but she has a longer stay-at-home life span)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Now this is service.......

To all of you still looking for that stimulus check......


....I'm on my way.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Siesta Ice Breaker

My girls, Patty and Kim, over at The Siesta Fiesta Blog came up with these questions to help us get to know each other. I thought it would be fun to add to my blog!

1. If money were no object, what would your dream home look like?

Well if we were talking realistically I'd like to think I would say something really humanitarian like:
"Well, I've actually considered downsizing and giving the profits to missions or feeding the hungry in Africa."
we're pretending, right?

So, if money were no object I would probably have a 70 million dollar chateau in the South of France.
What? Brad and Angelina just got one? Nevermind.......

No really, I'd probably just have a modest 7,000 square foot home with a Creative Discovery Museum in one wing (for the kids) and a home gym in the other wing. No, I probably wouldn't use it but hey, I'd be out of excuses, right?

2. If money were no object where would you shop for clothes?

Rodeo Drive, Baby!!!!
Ha, just kidding....ummm I'm not really a fashion guru so Old Navy and Kohl's would be fine with me...oh and Target too!

3. If money were no object where would you like to go on vacation?

I have to pick one?
Wait. This is my fantasy list. I can pick as many as I want.
New York City.
Cabo San Lucas

4. If you could go back in time with whom would you spend a day with?

My grandpa, sitting at the bar in the kitchen, running his fingers through his gray hair. A kitchen towel folded up and put under his elbows where he could sit and pull the foil off of gum wrappers. I'd let him tell me story after story about his life even if I'd heard it a million times before.

5. If you could be an animal for a day what would you be and why?

One of those ankle biter chihuauhas. Maybe I could find a mailman to bite. :))

6. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

I've fought a few fire breathing dragons in my time......

7. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

"You'd look real pretty if you lost some weight."
Ok. Maybe that was the worst! HA!

My dad told me once that he thought I was a good mother. That was nice to hear.

8. What gift have you received that you will always treasure?

My salvation and my family.

9. If you could only have one favorite food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ok, does this mean that I get to only have this one food or do I get to have all the other mediocre food (like salad) and then this one favorite food? Because if so it would be donuts but if all I ate was donuts then I might be pretty sick of them after a while......Maybe I need to go on a donut diet to get it out of my system!!!!

10. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I refuse to answer this question. I don't want to hurt any of the other ice cream's feelings.

11. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

President of the United States. Then I figured out you had to be really good at lying. I am a horrible liar.

12. Besides God who has influenced you the most?

Probably my grandpa.

13. What part of your daily routine do you enjoy the most?


14. If you won 1 million dollars what would you do with it?

Tithe.Build my dream home. Go on a dream vacation. Help my family. Help build our life center at church.

15. What is your most fervent prayer?

For my friends and family who are lost

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Surrender All (There is no Plan B)

I don't usually post this sort of thing. This goes way beyond my comfort zone. I like to be funny, to make people laugh. I like to be upbeat and be that someone who can lift someone up when they are down. I am usually terrible in expressing my feelings, so I just don't.

God has shown his face to me quite a bit here lately though and I just cannot not write about it. (English majors, back off. I'm doing my best here ;)

I've always been one of these people who thinks that if you've had a hard life or something terrible has happened in your past, just get over it. Start today with yourself and make it different. Don't be a victim. That's what I thought I was doing. I was over it. I was strong, independent. I could take care of myself and I didn't need anyone.

I became a Christian when I was a teenager during a rough period of my life. I went to church regularly with a friend and became reliant on God to change the things that were happening in my life. It wasn't in His plan to do so. I realize now that this is where I turned my back on Him. In my mind I hadn't done so but this is when I became self-reliant. I had to take care of me. I had to be in control.

Fast forward to the present and I am still fighting to keep my life in my control. This became apparent to me for the first time last year when we were on our women's retreat with the church.
Lisa spoke of Moses and about God asking him what was in his hand when He knew all along. Lisa asked us what we were holding and was it affecting our lives? God knows what it is, He just wants us to let go of it. (It's also here if you would like to read her Bible study)
I still think of that to this day, yet my hand is clenched ever so tightly. If He asked me what He asked Moses I would probably go as far as hiding it behind my back and answering, "Nothing, Lord. There is nothing there. I'm fine."
And it's not that I haven't tried giving it to Him, it's just the letting go part that I'm having trouble with. Will He really make things ok? My 13 year old self is telling me no.

Recently I have been having some problems with my almost-10-going-on-17 daughter. It has made me look at myself to see if I am to blame. That thing in my hand, the thing that was nothing. Apparently it is affecting the ones I love most. I have come to realize I am angry. I'm angry with my mother, with myself, Madeline's father, and maybe even God. That's scary to me to admit it. I often wonder though why, why didn't He answer my prayers? Why didn't He make it better?

I found myself walking on my route the other day and the chorus of "I surrender all" began to play in my head. I felt that He was telling me that before I can let Him be first in my life I had to surrender it all to Him. I wasn't sure how, (because still in my mind this is my life to control, right?) but I prayed that He would help me.

He showed up to me again last night as I was blogging. I'm not sure how I even found this blog but I do know that it wasn't an accident. I found Bring the Rain, the story of Angie and Todd Smith's daughter Audrey Caroline. (He sings with Selah) I sat here for hours reading and crying over the loss of their child. I knew it was God who sent me this blog when I came upon one of her posts that was titled I surrender all. Angie has an audio link of Todd singing this song which is to be on their next album. (To hear it you will first have to pause the song that starts when you first log on to her blog. Scroll down and on the left hand side click the pause button)
I hope if you don't know their story that you would start from the beginning and read through their journey. It was a blessing to read and has changed my outlook on trusting God and knowing that He will be there right beside me no matter what the road looks like ahead or even behind me. Angie said that even though they prayed for a miracle, they had a Plan B in case it wasn't in God's will to save her. She said though that there never was a Plan B. God had a plan all along. (Audrey's life has ministered to thousands!)

Sorry this was so long. Maybe I need a journal :)) Please pray for me that I will wash my hands of this "thing" and surrender it all to God. Pray that I will do away with my plans and let them be His plans for my life.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Un-Funniest Home Videos

Do you ever wish that you could have someone follow you around with a video camera 24/7?
Well I do.
I would so win. (more on this later)

Have you ever watched the show Funniest Home Videos?
I happened upon one the other day (this is not one I Tivo believe it or not) and they had the same old hit-dad-in-the-crotch videos. Jack does this to Jamie on a daily basis. I'm not sure why we haven't invested in -

A) one of those plastic thingys that athletes wear
B) a video camera

This is the one time a 3 year old can cause an adult male to lay in the floor in a fetal position.
However, real life or t.v. video, this stops being funny after so many times.

Anyway, I thought I'd finally tell you my most embarassing moment in my 29 years of life.

Had this been caught on video I am almost certain I would be a millionaire today.
I'm sure there are still people who witnessed this event say "Hey, remember when that mailgirl.....". Yes. I'm still humiliated by the memory.

It was a lovely day about 5 years ago. I locked my mail truck and began my walking loop. (This is where I deliver mail walking. People seemed shocked when I tell them I have to walk so I just wanted to clarify)

Now just imagine the busiest intersection in your town. Ok. Unless all you have is a four way stop...that doesn't count.
Imagine its the busiest intersection in front of say the courthouse. It's also lunch time so it's even busier than usual. My left arm is cradling some mail and in my hand is a bundle of letters. The light is red where I'm trying to cross so I make my move. This move involves the oh-so-difficult step down and then step up, however, my brain and my feet weren't working together this paticular day. So, my brain thinks I've made the step when in fact the feet haven't caught on yet causing the top heavy bent-over walk/fall movement. (this is all in slow motion by the way)

As I was falling forward I thought that I might actually pull out of this one. I had completed a few steps in the bent-over walk/fall and was now directly in the middle of the street. Everything went down hill from there. Literally.

Not being able to break my fall with my left arm I crashed into the road knee/elbow/face first. The mail I was carrying went flying across the road in all directions. This is when time stood still along with all traffic in all directions. No one could go anywhere.

I saw a manhole cover and actually considered throwing myself into the sewer. I picked myself up and started picking mail up as fast as I could. It seemed like 10 minutes before I was able to get out of the road. NO ONE helped me.

I finally got to the other side with my bleeding knee, elbow, and ego.

I'd like to say that that was my last fall but I can't. None, however, has yet to top that one!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

5 Ways to Avoid the Wal-Mart Meltdown*

1. Do not even drive by Wal-Mart if it is even close to nap time. (especially if you don't really NEED to go)

2. If you are foolish enough to do this don't even think about pushing the cart anywhere near the left hand side of the building. (This is where our toy section is for those of you with a backwards Wal-Mart). If you need something from Health and Beauty aid, gardening center, or the photo center just FORGET IT, TURN BACK NOW!!!!

3. If you do get close to the toy section and decide to give in....you are wasting your breath if you have this conversation with a 3 year old.

Me: (getting eyeball to eyeball) Ok. We can look but we are not buying anything. OK?

Jack: Ok.

4. If you have had a conversation with your husband about buying Jack a bike and decide maybe you can go ahead and get it while you are there, immidiately attempt to run over your own toes with the shopping cart. Believe me. It will quit hurting momentarily.
Jack was too big for the smallest bike and that was The One He Wanted. We will secretly buy the bigger one later. (and yes....I did tell him we were not buying anything so now I'm giving him mixed signals.)

5. Never try to rationalize with a napless 3 year old who has been known to throw explosive temper tantrums when deciding not to buy said item.
I now wish I would have bought the smaller bike before the tantrum started, I mean, c'mon I knew it was coming. I could have taken it back later and saved myself from an hour of intense screaming. (Him not me....of course I wanted to....)

So, maybe this is all common sense to you.

Maybe you are saying, you should have known better.

Well I know.....*sigh* please tell me I'm not the only one who does stupid things like this!!!! (I also need encouragement that this will get better!!!)

*This child is not immune from good ole' fashion whippins. This instance, however, was entirely my fault. Any advice on tantrums is welcomed!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Some things I learned in Mexico

1. I missed my children more than I thought I would

Does that sound horrible that I considered the thought that I wouldn't miss them? We left Madeline and Jack with their Nana and Pawpaw. Jack usually loves going over there and when we drop him off he never looks back. This time, however, he knew something was different when we packed the trunk with suitcases. That child has never clung to me so hard than he did when we were leaving. I felt like dirt. I had to pry him off of me and watch him screaming as we backed out of the driveway. I did call before we boarded the plane and they said he was fine but you know how grandparents are....they want you to believe they are little angels when they have them. Right......
Anyway, we missed them like crazy but enjoyed our time alone very much!!!!

Thank you Connie and Snuffy! We owe you one.*

*Restrictions apply. HA!

2. Don't drink the water in Mexico

Yes. I did know this before we went and I didn't drink any water that wasn' t on our resort or that wasn't bottled but.......I did drink some ocean water. I have always wanted to snorkel and our last day there we took this little chug boat about a mile out from our resort. I felt a little queasy from the boat ride but once we were there I was fine. We jumped out and everything was fine for a while. First of all, I didn't realize that snorkeling required so much work.

Does this person (not me) look like she is exerting herself? No. She looks like she's having a great time doesn't she???? Well my picture wouldn't look so amazingly tranquil and exotic. This girl is not wearing a life jacket. This is required and without one I would imagine it would be even more work trying to keep yourself afloat. My bulky life jacket was scrubbing my underarms and making it difficult for me to enjoy the barren reef we were looking at. Yes, I said barren. I was thinking where are all the fish???
Finally they started coming around but I started feeling sick. I was having to readjust my mouthpiece and every time I did, I would get a little salt water in my mouth. I finally told my friend Jennifer that I wasn't feeling good and that I was getting back in the boat. I started swimming toward the boat but didn't make it before I started vomiting.
Now, if you've ever vomited in water up to your neck then you know that the vomit doesn't have very far to go other than right around your head. You also cannot wretch forward with a life jacket on so it ends up just cascading off your chin. Jennifer called out to me and asked if I was going to be sick. All it took was one look and she knew. I still had chunks on my chin.
While this is all happening the Mexican on the boat is calling to me. He was saying "you ok. c'mon now. you ok." When I tell this in person my Mexican accent somehow turns to an Asian one. Why I don't know....anywhoooo....
I finally get back on the boat (at least 5 pounds lighter...Judith would have been proud....) and we all start back for the shore. There was a stranger that went with us and he asked me if I puked. (Maybe it was still on my chin?) He said, "Wow, is that why the fish started swimming around us???" I'm glad I could provide them with their dinner!
The boat driver decided to drop us off at the public beach where the local Mexicans swim (just a short walk from our resort) As we approached the shore Jennifer leaned over the side of the boat and barfed right in the water where they were swimming. You don't need to know Spanish to know that they were grossed out!!!! HA!

I think I learned more than not to drink the water in Mexico....I'm pretty sure that I'll never go snorkeling again.

Well I didn't realize it but this is turning into a novel! HA! I will break this down into mini posts. Here are some pictures from our trip!

Our balcony

The view from our balcony

More to come!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

IM FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My preacher's wife, Lisa , may have a book deal but does she have papparazzi????

I'm driving down the road trying to do my job and some guy jumps out of the bushes and starts snapping pictures of me. Can't a girl just be left alone? HAHAHAHAHA!

So, here I am, I've made my first newspaper debut! (Yes, it is on the fridge!)

Ok. Maybe this was all planned. Maybe there really wasn't a guy who jumped out of the bushes. But hey, a girl can dream right? Watch out Angelina Jolie the competition is moving up!!!

This picture was taken because we were getting ready for our annual food drive that we do. They told me to not look at the camera and not smile. So, how hard do you think that was? HA! I ended up looking like I was mad or disgusted! HA!

I'm still working on my Mexican review.........stay tuned!!!!!

Well I'm now going to get my lazy tail off this computer and spend time with my kids. Lisa made me feel like a total loser with her latest post. HA!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leav-ingggg on a jet plane..................

Hasta Luega mi amigas. Vamanos Mexico!!!!!!!!!!! Neccesito de tripo muy mucho!!!!!

De tripo? I know. I know. Well I don't think Dora or Diego has went over that word yet. HA!
It's pretty sad that I took 2 years of Spanish in high school and all I can remember is the basic Hello and the color song. I'm taking along my Spanish for Dummies book although I'm really hoping everyone there knows perfect English!!! HA!

If you think of me tomorrow say a quick prayer that my airline pilot has had ample hours of sleep!!!!

Adios Amigas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm almost regular!!!!!

Ok. Not that kind of regular! HA!

On April 26th, after 8 long years, I will finally be regular or what the post office considers full time. I will have my own route that I will run (walk, or fall) everyday and I will have a regular off day!!! YAY!!!! (Paid Holidays too)

My off day will be on Thursday so if any of you gals wanna go shopping call me up!!!!

I have also started a weight loss program through my church called First Place. We just finished week one and I have lost 8 1/2 pounds!!!!! I was the biggest LOSER!!!! Only about 80 more to go........*sigh*

Oh and next week we are heading to CANCUN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! (no kids!!!)

Well it's late and I just thought I'd throw ya'll a bone or two to get ya by for a while! HA!

When I write again I might tell you what Jack is sticking through a DVD hole...............

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear Mr. City Cop,

Why do you want to pull me over?
Don't you know I'm in a hurry?
Yes, I know I don't have a tag, or proof of insurance, or a bill of sale, and I was speeding
but hey, we're pals, right?
We both work to serve the public
(you do want your mail don't ya?)
I'm wearing a uniform can't you see?
Cut me a break, I just bought this car
see, poke your head in here, it still has that new car smell!
Well ok, just walk back to your car with my license then.....
Please Lord.....I'm sorry I didn't pray this morning but can you listen now?
Ok...where are the tears....oh forget it, I just put my makeup on
I'm gonna hurt my brother for this
He didn't have to take the tag yet...
yeah, I know...maybe it wasn't his fault I was speeding
or that I didn't have my insurance card with me
but I gotta blame somebody right now
Oh here he comes....
great. He has a clipboard. not a good sign.
Yada. Yada. Yada. get a bill of sale..slow it down.....here's your ticket.
So, thanks Mr. City Cop for doing such a great job today
You deserve something really great but nothing really comes to mind right now
Have a nice day?
Yep. there's nothing like being late for work AND having a ticket
Have a nice day too!
Sincerely, The Mailgirl

**I went to the city hall after work with my proof of insurance and they dismissed it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Puppy dog tails.....and pee on the seat?????

Is this what boys are made of???

Ok, yes. I know. I did grow up with a younger brother. I am quite aware of the male species' lack of aim. What I don't get is why my husband taught my just-newly-potty-trained son that real men pee standing up.

Couldn't he sit down to pee for at least 6 months? Would this have totally ruined his masculinity? I mean, in 6 months he might actually be tall enough to pee inside of the toilet instead of having a bathroom fountain spraying all over my toothbrushes? (*Note to self: Get new toothbrush tomorrow)

Secondly, I'm one of these people who think you should touch the toilet as little as possible. Yes, even in my own home. My husband did teach Jack to lift the seat before relieving himself but I'm not so sure that's a good thing either. C'mon if you've lived with a man, you know what's under there.......and I know...germs are not gonna kill him but now I have to clean that thing everyday now knowing my little baby is having to pee like a man.......

I did want him potty trained, right?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Angels are Singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok...maybe it's just me imagining the heavenly hallelujahs.......

JACK POOPED IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry if this seems so unfunny, uninteresting, or just plain boring but I don't care!!!!!!!!!! I'm free from the poop!!!!! (Maybe. It was just one time.)

I came close to taking a picture of it and putting it on here but I rethought it. You can thank me later. :))

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No, I haven't quit.........yet.

I haven't quit blogging completly, I've just been pulling my hair out over this:

Why, do you ask, is the potty behind the end table? This is Jack's famous pooping spot. The end table you see is the exact one in which he placed a lovely turd on. Anyway, he loves to stand back there in complete privacy and relieve himself. So, I figured I would put his potty back there and he just might decide to sit on it.

I found him standing beside it doing his business the next day.

So, I had to make him sit on it and this is why he's crying.

I'm about to strap him back on a diaper and say, "Dude, go for it."

I'm just at my wit's end. He will pee in the potty and is even wearing underwear all day...but get this....he will go get a pull up when he needs to do the number 2. Is there some kind of Freudian philosophy to this?? Why does he have a turd-in-the-potty-hang-up????

Lisa, Can you dream me up an answer for this??? HA! (Ya'll go check out Lisa's crazy dreams!!!! She's over there on my blogroll under the preachers' wife!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do you miss me???`

Yeah well. Stop pressuring me to be funny. I just can't take it anymore. Really.

So, while I'm having a blogger's block.....here is a couple of funny posts to get you by. Sue is hilarious, you're gonna love her. I almost gasped a minute ago because I thought she actually added me to her blog roll......turns out there are more Brooke's in this world other than me. Who knew?

They are so going to take away my chick card This is SO me. I was laughing til I was crying...but then again that's almost every post she writes.

And one more.

Things I Want To Have Happen This Year But They Probably Won’t Because I Unfortunately Do Not Control The Universe & Also God Does Not Like Show-Offs
Ok. This one I think I was actually laughing until I was making some weird dying sound.

Ok. Enjoy. Maybe next time I'll be back to pen something funny that I can actually claim.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I got nothin'

I got nothin' to give.

I'm blank. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.

It's pretty sad that my only excitement lately is that they have opened some new lanes in the town I deliver mail in. Now I don't have to cut so many people off when I pull out of every bloomin' business I deliver to. Woohoo.

What else? Oh. My hubby just barfed like he was dying.
A. He is dying.
B. He's allergic to the antibiotics they gave him at the dentist today.
C. He has a stomach virus.

I'm really pulling for B.

And what's with this writer's strike? What is it exactly that they want? 1 million, 2 million, c'mon people, rich is rich, right?

I NEED something new on t.v.!!! I couldn't even watch any stars strut down the red carpet last night because they didn't show up for the Golden Globes. I believe I would have crossed the picket lines to get my award. Hey, and just think, all the attention would be on me. They would ask me, "Brooke, Brooke, who are you wearing tonight?" I would say, "Oh, this old thing? I got it at a thrift store over on Rodeo Drive........"

See, I'm tellin' ya. I got nothin'.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I love free stuff

If you've wondered why I've been absent from blogging it's because I have become a total coupon nerd.

I have a friend that I work with that has introduced me to Walgreens and the Sunday paper coupons.

I now have become addicted to getting things for free or next to nothing. Are these things always something I need? No. But who cares? It's free, right? I'm sure I'll use it at some point in time or give it away to someone in need.

Here is an example of a good buy.....Crest with Scope on sale for 2.49. 1.00 Sunday coupon and 1.00 Walgreens coupon and waaalaa (or Voila).... Crest with Scope .49 cents!!!! You can't beat that with a stick now can ya?

Now, here is an example of a good buy but not so good buy.....Nice and Easy Copper Red Hair Color on sale for 3.49. Sunday paper coupon for 3.00 and with the Walgreens coupon it made it FREE!!!

Does anyone need any Nice and Easy Copper Red Hair Color?? :))

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And the winner is...................

And the winner is........................

ANGELA @ Dimple Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Angela!!!!

I'll find out later this afternoon how we can get in touch to get your address!

Ya'll go on over and congratulate her!!!!! Thanks for everyone else who played...it was fun!