Saturday, August 30, 2008

God Stop Friday

So I'm copycatting (is that a word, and if so, did I spell it right? Did I use my commas correctly in that last sentence?) Patty by using last Friday's event...which in case anyone has forgotten was Beth Moore in San Antonio, TX!!! :))

Although I met A LOT of wonderful women, my God stop moment was meeting my new friends, Elizabeth and Tammy. Out of the hundreds of women staying in the Marriot we (Lisa and I) ran into these two women in the elevator. I wasn't gonna speak first because you know I'm so shy (ha), but Tammy wasn't going to let me get away with that! She poked me on the shoulder and I don't really remember what was said after that but she became my "touchy-feely" friend. Friday evening as we waited in line to go to our seats I got to know more about Elizabeth. I found that we were a lot alike (of course we were, inside joke) and it was as if we had been friends forever! I truly believe, and as she wrote in my Siesta cookbook (thanks Holly!), that God brought us together for a reason!!!
So, thank you Tammy and Elizabeth for a wonderful time in San Antonio and I hope to share many more memories with you!!! I love ya'll!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hopelessly Devoted to You

Anyone want a repeat of Saturday's song??? Here ya go.....

Wordless Wednesday

Ok. I've never been good at this wordless thing. I have to explain this pic...LOL
Jamie and I both wear contacts, so when I packed up for San Antonio I left him the contact solution and found what I thought was a travel box that contained solution and a case. M-O-R-O-N!!!!

Anyway so Friday morning I asked Lisa if she had some solution (I was a little afraid to use mystery solution) and she had also left hers at, off I go to put my contacts in. It was a good thing Lisa was blow drying her hair because I was screaming like a little girl. Apparently what I had used was not solution but some kind of enzyme cleaner....yeah, moron. I can't even begin to describe the pain but I do know that pulling my whole eyeball out did cross my mind. Once I pulled the contact off my searing pupil/lens/eyeball I began giving myself an eye bath to put out the fire.

Lisa still has no idea....well until I come out holding a washcloth to my eye. She digs out her Visine (the picture was taken after the Visine, I was in too much pain to think of blogging moments at the time) but I tell her NO WAY am I putting anything else in my eye!!! I give in a few minutes later mainly because I thought of something funny to do (imagine that)

Lisa was curling her hair as I begin putting the Visine in my eye. I then reenact what really happened when I put the enzyme cleaner in my eye as I clutch my eye, screaming again like a little girl. If only I had taken a picture of Lisa...HAHAHAHAHA She was so about to call 911...hahahahahahhahaha

More to come!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Siesta Fiesta Recap

Well it has taken me a couple of days to get rested up enough to post about this....
so here it goes.

I'd like to show ya'll that in the beginning of this trip I was reserved, quiet, and shy. Ok. Maybe not shy, but I was reserved. Here is a picture of me on Thursday with a group of women that took the riverboat cruise. I look pretty reserved, right? I'm on the bottom row, dark hair, blue to Lisa.

Fast forward to Saturday night at the Fiesta PJ party...umm not so reserved. I'm the one in the middle, ahem, the one hogging the mike.

First of all I have say a big, Texas, "I'm sorry" to Tammy. She's the blonde beside me who would like to sing into the mike but never has the chance to. Tammy, I'm like SO sorry. I'm just so glad you didn't cry. Had I shared the mike with Elizabeth I'm not quite sure that she wouldn't have...(inside joke)

Anyway, I'm not real sure what came over me. One minute we all decided to sing together and then the next minute I'm totally sounding like Sandy/Olivia Newton-John and not only do I sound like her...I actually morph into her. I'm all of a sudden in my long sleeve gown in Frenchie's (or is it Rizz) backyard singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You". I even see Danny's face in a pool of water as I drop my perfumed paper into it........
Next thing I know, I'm back at the PJ party and the song is over! Ha!

Thanks to Holly, Tammy, Joanne, and Elizabeth for so much fun during this song!!! Thanks to Kate for taking the picture...if you didn't I might not have had a memory of this event! :P

Also to my karaoke sister, Georgia....I can't believe no one took our picture!!! Surely someone out there has one!!! You are like my singing soul mate...for realz.
I'm glad we live in the same hemisphere 'cause we have to get our karaoke groove on as soon as possible. How 'bout getting us a gig up there in Nashville??? I might just move the whole fam out there so we can make it big!!!

More on San Antonio later!!!!!

Sweet Joanne sent me some pics of me and Georgia!!! Thanks Joanne!!!!!
Ok...I'm not sure what we were laughing about but this is what took place during the ENTIRE PJ party!!!! This is what you call a horse laugh! HA! Look at my legs, this isn't a celebrity's a "tryin' not to pee my pants" pose...hahahahaha
Jenny...didn't you get me some Depends when you were on your Supermarket Sweep????

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hey Peeps!

To my peeps that I met in San Antonio:

I will be posting soon.....I really wanted to jump in here and sit on the computer all evening reading everyone's blogs but I guess I need to spend a little time with the fam. If you are a little confused about whether you are on the right blog because the pictures don't really match what you saw in San Antonio.....don't is me...I was just a little bloated and maybe the next time you see me I will have taken a fluid pill or something. :)

Well until I can entertain you with my fly home story, go check out some of my favorite posts of mine under the disgruntled postman down below!

Love ya'll,
PS If you were there for the kareoke....I'm so, so, sorry............. :))

Thursday, August 21, 2008

San Antonio or bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey gals! I'm currently inside the Huntsville airport waiting to board our plane! Just thought I'd drop a line and say hi! So, hi!
We (Lisa and I ) are going to the Beth Moore conference and we can't wait to meet all the fiesta gals! I'm also gonna work on my new hobby while we're there...go check it out at (Yes, I'm a total NERD!) :))
I'll post some pics when we get back!!!!
Yeehawwwww or Ole....whateva W>

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do.........

So, I am still alive.....I am about to turn 30 though, so you never could be over really soon :p (more on that to come...I promise.)

My pal and preacher's wife, Lisa, posted about a brain test that she has recently taken and I thought that that might make for an interesting topic for my blog as well. it goes....

Tell me what you think....are they close?

Brooke, your results indicate a strong left-hemisphere dominance with a mild
preference for auditory processing. This blend would suggest that you are an
extremely efficient person, logical perhaps to an extreme. You tend to
your life and learning in very precise ways.

You benefit
experience, seek the rational in situations and feel most comfortable

You are a detail person. You see each piece of a
puzzle or
situation with equal clarity and value, and thrive on your ability
to fit each
piece into a unifying structure.

Your learning style
tends toward the
auditory, which suggests that you process inputs
sequentially and classify each
before moving on to the next. You do,
however, possess sufficient visualization
skills and interest to supplement
the auditory tendency and render you more
active than a person who is purely

In all likelihood you will
be somewhat reserved in
appreciating your own talents and understate your
abilities even to
yourself. You will organize your time and set schedules for
yourself and, in
that sense, lose sight of spontaneity and other needs - both of
yourself and
others. Your enviable organization, structure, and efficiency make
you a
valuable asset to a team effort.

This sentence:

You benefit from experience, seek the rational in situations and feel most comfortable with routine. the only one that makes sense to me but still doesn't fit the bill....
I really do LOVE routines but that doesn't mean I ever have one. And really, who doesn't benefit from experience??? :))

So all in all I'm not really feelin' this brain test....go check out Lisa's! Her results are right on the money!!! HA!

More to come on my impending doom (30th birthday) and my new hobby...(like I need another one) thanks to Postmaster Earl.....If you somehow run across this, a big thanks to ya...this hobby actually helps me spend more time with my children!!!! (sad, huh?)

Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm gonna post soon...really.