Sunday, March 29, 2009

A time for prayer....and laughs too!

So, I've been surfing the 'net today and doin' a little blogging when I come across a blog I haven't read in a while. I'm sure most of you have read or heard of this family. They have overcome obstacles but are facing more....please, go read their story and pray!
Prayers for Stellan

In the midst of her pain, MckMamma, (I don't know her real name, ha) still has some humor through it all. She was totally making fun of this product but I may, for real, order one off the internet......go look NOW! It's called GoGirl and I seriously need to put one these in my purse!!!! :)

For those of you that went on the women's retreat will totally know why, but for those of you that wasn't there......well, don't laugh, but I peed on myself several times over the course of the weekend. The first major incident happened in Ober Gatlinburg when we went snow tubing. I used the bathroom first so my bladder SHOULD HAVE been empty. However, after I went down the first time, the second, third, and fourth time I emptied it just a little or lot more. The tooth-less guys that worked there got a pretty good laugh. Needless to say, after the fourth time I gave it up and went and sat my pee panties down.

So, watch out girls! Next time we go anywhere I might just break out the GoGirl thingy!!!! :))

(My favorite quote from the website is..."You won't be like a man but you can pee like one." HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ider Baptist Women's Retreat 2009

This re-cap may have to come in segments because, ya'll, I'm still exhausted!!!!

I have to say, "Yay, me" because I have landed my first very own you tube video. Ya'll, I am on my way to stardom, I just know it!!!

This particuluar recorded moment happend Saturday night after Lisa's third installment of her, "Stronger" Bible study......(it was awesome....I can't promise you what you will see next will be..)

It was titled Jennifer and Brooke's adventure but I have to make mention of our helper, Lori! For those of you who don't know she is our local postmaster of our post office! Thanks Lori for your help on this one! The back-up to my singing was awesome! :)

My agent gave me some pointers for next time:
1. Suck in. Never let go and let your abdomen shine through your shirt.
2. If you pee your pants and must change....go ahead and throw a t-shirt on with your pajama pants.
3. Get some singing lessons.

I'll be back with more re-caps later! Until then you can check out Lisa and Christi's blogs for more hilarious pictures and videos!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The beauty of Facebook

You just never know what can turn up when you least expect it!

Eleventh Grade Prom

Yeah, that's me...the bustiest girl in the crowd...Still don't see me? Well I'm the only one in a $4.99 red dress from the Salvation Army. You're probably thinking it was ok deal but what you don't see is the hemline. There is a full body shot of this dress out there floating around the internet that shows that this particular steal was an inch too short. You can see my shoes. Still not a big deal, you say? Well all the other girls with floor length dresses really go to the floor where mine doesn't.

If you don't recognize any of these girls it's because I left the big town of Ider my eleventh grade year and went to Madisonville High, home of the Tornadoes! Boy, was that a whirlwind year......

Ya know, you think you can leave some things behind in your life, hoping other people might forget the girl with the too short dress but thanks to Facebook......

we can never quite forget..........(I'm sure it could be worse ;)