Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No, I haven't quit.........yet.

I haven't quit blogging completly, I've just been pulling my hair out over this:

Why, do you ask, is the potty behind the end table? This is Jack's famous pooping spot. The end table you see is the exact one in which he placed a lovely turd on. Anyway, he loves to stand back there in complete privacy and relieve himself. So, I figured I would put his potty back there and he just might decide to sit on it.

I found him standing beside it doing his business the next day.

So, I had to make him sit on it and this is why he's crying.

I'm about to strap him back on a diaper and say, "Dude, go for it."

I'm just at my wit's end. He will pee in the potty and is even wearing underwear all day...but get this....he will go get a pull up when he needs to do the number 2. Is there some kind of Freudian philosophy to this?? Why does he have a turd-in-the-potty-hang-up????

Lisa, Can you dream me up an answer for this??? HA! (Ya'll go check out Lisa's crazy dreams!!!! She's over there on my blogroll under the preachers' wife!)


The Preacher's Wife said...

lol - at least i'm only torturing my dog....poor ole jack!!! lolol

i'll read this again before i go to bed tonight and see if i can come up with anything for ya...:)))


Becky said...

Some kids do have a very real fear about seeing their poop, realizing that it came out of them, and worrying that they're losing an appendage or something.

This is particularly true of boys because they stand to do their other business and see it all happening, but can't believe it when they sit and then there is, um, hard evidence that they were responsible that.

At least you can get your son to wear underwear! My toddler loves sitting on the toilet seat insert thing, and even comes running to tell me he wants to go potty...but it's always after the fact. It's going to be a long road, I'm afraid.

Dimple Queen said...

I am laughing so hard!!!! I know you are not, because I was there not too long ago.

I agree with Becky though, for some reason some kids just don't like seeing it in the potty....or...they don't like the splash they might get on their bottom when it drops in....

I sure hope Lisa can dream something up for you.....my dreams are all about me and my insecurities so I don't think I can help you in that way.

Deedra said...

You should save this picture and show it to every girlfriend he ever has. Just thinking about this form of punishment/torture might just be enough to get you through potty training!..lol

p.s...I missed you last night!

K. Tilley said...

Last night at AWANA'S Connie said you were sick and that when you were better she would beat you over the head for leaving her with all the kids last night. Hope your feeling better real soon.......or do I?

Cheryl said...

Oh bless his little bitty heart (or maybe yours?)! He is still a cutie pie! I really can't remember much about those days. Let me tell you that it goes by really fast. He will just one day, on his own, decide where he needs to do his business. It just seems like one day it just clicked with Ross and I had no problems after that. I know right now it seems like its taking forever huh? Good luck!

Darnelle said...

One of my kiddos did the same thing. Went running for the pull-ups at poop time. What is up with that? (Of course I can laugh NOW - that was 16 years ago) I wasn't laughing then. Bless ya girl!

Katie said...

My best friend's son did that for years I hate to say it. Some kids just feel safer going in their diaper/pull-up. It's a comfort thing. Congrats for getting him to go in the potty. Just keep at it. Good luck!

amyanne said...

I can so relate! My son was almost 3 before he finally gave it up and pooped on the pot. It got to the point that I just let him run naked from the waist down when we were at home. If he had an accident...he was in trouble. It only took a week or so. He knew about the potty chair, had used it, but just didn't want to...and frankly, couldn't be bothered.

It was a glorious day when the the poop ran free! :)

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