Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How many times can a dog crap in an 8 hour period, you ask?

Answer: Four

Sshhhhh!!! Madeline doesn't know it yet but she's getting a puppy for Christmas. We adopted one from petfinder.com and I went to pick it up Sunday afternoon. I didn't take Jack this time.......and they let me have the dog.....that's another story for those of you who don't already know! ha

So, I've been keeping "puppy" in the mud room and I woke Monday morning to four piles of crap and 4 wet spots.......UGH.
I've been able to hide "puppy" from Madeline because she's been staying with my mother and father in law. Jamie's sister and her kids are here from Charleston so that has kept her occupied for now.....2 more days and then she'll be cleaning up the doo doo!!!! hahaha Merry Christmas, Maddie!!!!!


Tinika said...

o bless your heart. my lovely aunt (your buddy) gave my children a puppy for christmas- but they got him early. and boy o boy. i threaten to give it back everyday. omgah. i really think he is afraid to poop outside.

Becky said...


Your daughter will be sooo excited. Our boys got a new puppy a few weeks back on the condition that THEY were responsible for all bodily fluids.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

So how's Maddy liking the dog?

Does PETA allow Jack to exist yet? lolol

hayli said...

how's the puppy situation? lol. so yea...i didnt mind making fun of my situation b/c it was just how my days go. the turtle method did work for a while but then we would hit turbulence or something and when i would pop up out of my coat i would get hit with it...then it was like i pulled some of it back down with me. it was just a bad day. hahaha.

Kelli said...

i prob should put initials, but i figured both of you could do it and have a little fun!! HAHAHA I actually was tagging you since I tagged her in the other one!!! Have fun!!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

so i'm waiting for the coccyx post..lol

jim said...

I hope she liked it!..Jim from New York