Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do you love to read?

I have found a new website that I love!

It's and it's awesome! Well, if you are patient, that is.

You post books that you have and you don't mind getting rid of into your online library. Once you have posted 10 books you get 2 free credits. These credits allow you to request books from other people for free! Once you request the book they will ship you their used copy for you to keep!

Now the catch is that if someone requests one of your books you are obligated to ship that book out to them. The dollar or two it takes to ship the book is so worth getting a book you have been wanting but don't want to spend out for a new book!

The other no-so-great-thing is that if you are requesting a book that everyone else is requesting then you have to wait in line for it...I am currently 1023 in line for a particular book...ha
I do have though two books on the way that I don't have to wait in line for, so go check it out!
(Oh, and those 10 books you list can be real duds...they don't care what they either way you get two credits free just for listing even boring, dumb books! HA!)
One more thing...if you join, say that I referred you...I get a free credit when you list your 10 books! :)
My user name is mailgirl1978


K. Tilley said...

I love to read but there is just one problem......when I'm in a reading mood.....that's all I do!!! and nothing else get's done in the house.

I have had patients come in for years reading "karen kingsbury" books and they all highly recommended them so I went to the local library and started book one of five. I only have the last book still to read. However, they are books about this family's problems.......hey, I got problems of my why would I want to read about somebody elses problems? I am bound and determined to finish the series but I will go back to the Mystery/romance books that I have always read........I know this comment really has nothing to do with you post.....I'm just so glad you blogged I got excited and started rambling.......hope you still love me.....LOL

Wendy L said...

I like to read but have trouble finding the time, so thanks anyway, I'm like KT I'm just glad you blogged so I felt I should comment. LOL

judith said...

KT, I love the Baxter family. Currently on the last series about them. Hate to tell you but after the first five comes the second five and then three more. I will be sad to end my time with them. They are so real. It's good to know all families have times of trials and troubles but God is always there with us. Well, with the real people anyway. I have to remind myself the Baxters aren't real.

Anonymous said...

You mean the Baxters aren't real??? I feel like they are part of my family...I spent alot of time with them over the past few years!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

my friend just told me about this site last week....i gotta try it out! i love me some free books..:))