Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I found another mail girl!!!!

A friend of mine who reads my blog (but doesn't leave comments...don't you know this kills my self-esteem?) sent me a text message to let me know there was another mail girl who was funny.
Ok, does this mean she's funnier than me?
So, of course I must go check her out to see.
Yep, she's funny and now my new BFF, only she doesn't know it yet. It seems though that I have stolen her name.....

Well instead of up cleaning the house on my non-scheduled day I'm reading EVERY one of her posts, laughing my guts out.

Go check out this post. I've been wanting to write a post about this but she nailed it so need for me to do it....just read hers.
What not to say to your mail carrier


Becky said...

Yes, the other mailgirl had some funny stuff, but I think you're pretty stinkin' hilarious yourself. Keep on bloggin', girlfriend!

Kellan said...

Okay ... so you have to be a mailgirl to become BFF's? Just kidding - I'll stick with the mailgirl I already have kind of gotten to know. See ya.

Weelo said...

hi brooke!!
it's me ..the other mailgirl.
through the power of google i found you and your blog.
love it!!!!
nice to know i've got a southern soul sister!
you rock!
I'm going to stalk you too!
so there!
wendy ( aka weelo)

Nicki said...

Hey Brooke, thanks for commenting. I definitely don't like The Ring. I had my hands over my eyes most of the time because it freaked me out! I don't do scary... Nice to "meet" you!

Sue said...

What is it with good friends who don't leave comments? What is THAT?! My best friend - who is also my SISTER - never comments. And I know she reads. If I die, it's ALL HER FAULT.

Funny post you linked to, but I think you are hilarious...

Anonymous said...

I have left like 2 comments okay???? I will do better...I usually just text! ha! I still love u Brooke.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your no commenting friend, Tonya who helped you find your new best friend, the other mailgirl! (with the help of Amanda!)