Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm not emotionallly unstable.......or am I?

Sorry if there are any dudes reading this today but I woke up this morning and realized why I was so emo at the Trunk or Treat last night.

Yep. The curse. Showed up totally unannounced. Can you say "RUDE"?

Hindsight I'm always thinking, "Gosh, no wonder I was so psycho..." hahahhahaha

I'm off today and trying to get myself motivated enough to clean.

Is it horrible that I'm letting my son eat Skittles for breakfast?


connorcolesmom said...

Girl you are so funny!
I am so glad I finally found your blog
I look forward to coming back and seeing how you are doing!
Plus I love following you on twitter - you always crack me up!
Have a great one

jennyhope said...

my attitude was so rank yesterday and i was like yall i need to go sit in my car and read my bible and get in the spirit.

also, no I can't believe every parent wouldn't let their kid eat skittles for breakfast. What kind of parents are we dealing with people?

Becky said...

Durn curse. Showing up at the MOST inopportune moments. It happened for me this weekend just prior to needing to put in laminate flooring throughout the house...on hands and knees...with three other people. Ugh.

Skittles for breakfast are only bad if Oreos are, 'cuz that's what my little one is chowing down on.
Just call it 'making memories' and it doesn't sound quite so bad, lol. ;)

Michealle@Mom~of~4 said...

I am such a bad mother...I did not even stay for the festivities. I let them out of the car, said sorry and came home to brew in my own juices. I have been a “beast” lately. Not sure why since my little friend to a permanent vacation in 04, thanks to the ole’ hysterectomy. But I did keep the 2 main source of “crazy”, so that is where the blame ALWAYS goes. Did little Jack eat his cupcake “auntie” sent home for him? HAHAHAHAHAHA

GratefulinGA said...

Brooke, You are such a mess...and i love you for it!!

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny...i could so see you havin Bible study in the parking lot! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

The skittles are ok if you gave him some milk so it was like fruit loops!!

Deedra said...

Don't skittles count as a fruit?

Anonymous said...

Skittles are jelly with a hard shell...My mother would just die if she knew I said that!! I hope no men folk are reading this cause those 2 or 3 days before the curse I can really say what I think and hubby always says "I know whats wrong with you" makes me so mad and I say don't you blame it on that.....but really.....Haahaa!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!