Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trunk or Treat Nightmare

My day started out fairly well.
Jack got his clothes on by himself.
My car started. (it's a rental, it's new and of course it started but I'm just grabbing for positives here.)
I got to work on time.

That's all I can come up with except for the yummy pizza I had at lunch.

The rest of the day went a little something like this:

My postmaster told me that her super duper computer program, also known as DOIS, was saying that I was 43 minutes under 8 hours and that I needed to take some mail from another route to put me at 8 hours. I agreed to take 30 but my 30 and her 30 were not matching up............long story short.....I dislike DOIS very much.

I had circulars. I really hate to complain but I just need to clarify why I had a breakdown at the Trunk or Treat....please, keep reading.
Circulars are pieces of mail that every house gets. I'm sure you probably even got one today yourself! Take a moment and thank your mail carrier for those lovely Pizza Hut, Captain D's, and Papa John coupons that were left in your mailbox today!

I hurried home because the Trunk or Treat started at 5:30 instead of what I thought was 6! After getting changed we all were involved in a search hunt for Jack's Incredible Hulk mask. It was nowhere. Jack didn't care, but I did. Why? I'm not real sure.

We made a stop at the Dollar Store to get batteries. It was very imperative that we had batteries for the strobe light going in the pumpkins that we carved last night. I mean, I didn't do that for nothin' right?

We finally made it to the church like 40 minutes late. I get out, grab the keys, and start getting the trunk ready for the fifteen kids already waiting at the back of my car. I quickly threw them some candy so I could prepare my masterpiece. I spread out the blankets that I so brilliantly remembered to bring, displayed my wonderful array of candy and prepared to also display my wonderfully, beautifully, carved pumpkins.

Batteries, check.
Pumpkins, check.
strobe light for pumpkins. Left it at home. Great.

I look around to the other vehicles as I'm carelessly throwing candy at the kids as they walk up. Look at all these nice put together trunks I thought to do these people have it all together?

I mean, one of my new found best friends, Deedra, has a toddler, a baby, and a broke foot, yet her vehicle was lit up with Halloween greatness....

there was Holli with her vehicle decorated with ghosts and pumpkins.....

there was Debra and Alan with their annual Alabama decorated trunk........

there was another decorated in clue who would do that... :P

Judith and Tony.....they have to have electrical outlets just to display their creative greatness every year.....

Me, I can't even remember the light to put in a single pumpkin. Can't keep up with my son's costume. Can't even......hey, where did I put the keys???

Yep, this is when the nightmare really began.

I search all the obvious places first. My pockets, the floor board, in between the seats, under the car, in the trunk, my pockets one more time, I asked Jamie at least 5 times, "Are you sure I didn't give them to you?", the ignition, cup holders, my pockets again,......

Then, like a movie rewinding I watched myself get out of the car and grab the candy bowl....remember the fifteen kids already waiting for candy? yeah, so did I. I grabbed the candy bowl, frantically digging through what was left. Crap, only Starbursts and Skittles.

My mind finally lets me realize that I gave a trick or treater my keys.

I run over to about 50 kids who were waiting to go on a hayride. I can't get them to shut up long enough for them to look in their bags of candy so I do the only thing I know to do. Cry.

I walk back to the fellowship hall, seriously trying not to lose it when Deedra (you remember, my new found best friend?) was very concerned when she saw that I was upset. I was touched. Until I told her what I did and she laughed at me. Thanks Deedra, you are a super pal. :)
Oh, and Judith gave me some wonderful words of encouragement....
"Gosh Brooke, half the kids have already left........"

I cringed and hung my head in total humiliation as someone announced in the fellowship hall..."Everyone check their bags of candy for a set of keys!"

So...then my good friends Lisa and Sharlyn took charge and marched themselves down to the hayride and told the kids that the tractors wouldn't start up until everyone had checked their bags.

Whatdaya know.....the keys turned someone's trick or treat bag. Could you imagine being the kid that got home and dumped all their candy out and was like, "Saaaweet, car keys!"

I'm sure this won't be the last time I hear about this...but it's ok..I was able to laugh about it once I had the keys back in my possession! Deedra you're forgiven...just be glad I didn't stomp your good foot!!! HA~


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Wahoooooo!!! She blogged!!!!

Girl, you broke my heart with that look of distress on your face tonight. I told you, Jesus loves you and cares about your details. He kept those keys safe and sound instead of sending them home with one of the 200 kids who had come and gone!!

I could just shout thinking about it!

And I love you for finally blogging. So really, your trauma has brought great joy all the way around...:))

Deedra said...

LOL!...I didn't hear what Judith said through my laughter. If it makes you feel better,I was late too, those pumpkins were the centerpieces from my Ladies Banquet table that I grabbed from my dining room table at the last minute and threw into the back of the car, I lost Carter's coat somewhere along the way, I forgot to take my chili to the fellowship hall (so now we'll be having chili for a month!), and my costume badge broke off just as I was getting in the car and I didn't have pockets so I stuck it in my bra thinking I would tape it when I got there....I forgot about it until I got home and now have the imprint of "Super Police" on my left boobie. good thing about my laughing hysterically at you, smiled through your tears. I don't do tears so well.

Your most compassionate friend,
Super Police...I mean, Deedra


GratefulinGA said...

LOL!! This was well worth the wait!!

This would be a time when 'clapper' keys would come in think :))

I'm with your two buddies here, look how much Jesus loves you! Mess a kids like that and watchin out for special needs :).

I have never heard or seen a Trunk or Treat, wish there were pictures, sounds like a hoot!

much love sweet girl,

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

I'll just echo Lisa--"She blogged!"

It's so fun to hear from you--even if meant laughing aloud at your pain... :)

Next year I'm seeing a Halloween Karaoke Trunk in your future. You'd be the most popular girl around.

Love you!


P.S. And glad you found your keys!

Fran said...

I would have cried like a big ole baby and then screamed at multiple people I'm sure. :)

Glad you found your keys. I'm glad you posted the Halloween events even if it was at your expense. We love hearing about everyones terrible days don't we?! ;)

Could have pulled out some Bon Qui Qui "RUDE!"

Big hugs...

judith said...

Just remember everyone can't be super MOM but I'm with you on the current first place winner. I stand in amazement at Deedra and her skills of balancing.I did enjoy her comment that while we thought she had it all together some of it was misplaced... You did great and everything was accomplished, it didn't have to be exact, it still worked out. God does care about all the details of our lives, great and small, and sometimes he reminds us that we can do nothing without him, even keep up with our car keys. I thought last night turned out great and we had a good crowd.

Becky said...

While I feel your pain...the trick-or-treat missing keys mystery did make for some GREAT blog material!

Just like with our spiritual walks...those kinds of trials eventually turn to gold. In this case, blog gold, lol.

jennyhope said...

Girl this is totally something that I would do. And I would have been crying as well!!!

Holly said...

I am sorry Brooke, I must admit. I did laugh too. But all I could say was Bless your heart. I felt so bad for you because I have had those days where nothing goes right.
keep blogging, i love reading your blogs.