Monday, September 10, 2007

What a weekend!!!!

A group of my friends and I just returned from the LPN Deeper Still Conference in Nashville and it was AWESOME!!!! God was definitely at work in this place! It was amazing to see 20,000 plus women raising their hands to God and worshipping his Holy name! I was also amazed that in my two days there I didn't see one cat fight! LOL

Oh how I pray that I take God's word that was spoken through these precious women and apply them to my life. It's so easy to get a good weekend of God and turn around and live like the devil on Monday.

I was so happy to be in the company of Lisa (thepreacherswife) but I have decided that I will not let her choose which line to stand in if we ever get to go to another function together. We stood in line for 45 minutes for a slice of pizza and a Mountain Dew!!! She predicted we would be the last in line and I thought "there is NO way".....there was like 500 people behind us. Well.....she was right. We were the LAST ones in line!!!! How this happened it beyond me!!! LOL In all seriousness though, I am so privileged to have a friend like Lisa. I hope I can grow up spiritually and be like her one day. She has a genuine love for Christ and is so knowledgeable about the Bible (I love that she has a thing for Moses!) Lisa is also an incredible writer and speaker and I know that God has amazing plans to work through her to glorify His name!!!!!

Lisa has introduced me to the "Siestas" and I was so happy to get to meet them. This "blog world" seems exciting to me and I hope I can have some imaginary friends too!!!!

Well I'm off to work. I am the male-girl, oops I mean mail-girl!!!!

Love in Christ, Brooke


Deedra said...

What an awesome entry to kick off your blog! I'm glad you had a good time at Deeper Still! I'm also glad to be the first to welcome you to blogland....I'll help you here if you help me with myspace, really makes me feel old trying to figure that out! I'm not sure if its hormonal or if I really am just old!

Melissa Lea said... got lots of great things to write about! And I know that you can be sooooo funny!! I look forward to more!!!!!!!

The Preacher's Wife said...


I just found your got sent to my trash folder as spam..ugghh!!

I am so excited you are in blogland malemailgirl!! :)) Thanks so much for the precious words ... I had so much fun with you, Connie, and Paula..Thanks for letting me crash the party..:)

As for making the pics small you were telling me about..I'm not sure..I'll email Judith tomorrow and ask her...



Patty said...

Hi Brooke!!
I am so glad I got to meet you at Deeper Still. I am not sure if you remember me but I did have a good laugh with you over the name of your blog. Welcome to blogville and I am looking forward to visiting you often! Sounds like you had a bad day, is your son scarred for life?(just kidding) As I was reading I could picture the your whole day. At least you had dinner when you picked him up. :o)

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I am so glad you have a blog. It is so much fun!
Speaking of fun I enjoyed seeing you at DS this past weekend. I do not think we actually met but I remember seeing your sweet face.
God bless,

Leigh Gray said...

hey - it was good to SEE you at Deeper Still. Hopefully there will be more events where we can actualy talk! Loved reading your blog!! have a wonderful day!


Cecelia said...

Hey Girl ! Glad to see you in blog land. I met you at Deeper Still as well. I was the one (when you said mailgirl was going to be the name of your blog) that spelled out m-a-i-l !
Loved the story about your son, I was rolling as well. I do hope however once you picked him up that you went and either got you some chocolate or Starbucks to help you recover ! This will be one to tell the grandchildren(when their Mom forgets them at daycare) LOL !