Monday, October 29, 2007

Where are the clowns???

First of all, thank you Wendy for this material!!!

This past Saturday night a group from my church attended the Casting Crowns concert. It was awesome!!! Before the concert we ate at Ryans which was also awesome. There's nothin' like a basket full of buttery rolls just waiting to be devoured. Sorry to the girls who sat with me, I'm not sure if you even got one or not! HA!

Yes Melissa, I'm off my diet.

Anyway, as we were all walking into the civic center I overheard one couple in particular, I won't mention any names, (Robbie and Wendy) to save you from embarrassment. Well really Wendy I guess. Apparently neither one are Casting Crowns fans but were up for a date night regardless who was singing. Anyway, I heard Robbie saying "Where are the clowns??" followed by some laughing...This sparked my attention because A) I love to be in the middle of a good laugh, especially one that either makes you cry or your stomach hurt (unless you have just eaten a bazillion rolls at Ryans) and B) because I'm not entirely a fan of clowns. I thought to myself that if there were going to be clowns here I'm gettin' out of here! Not that I'm really scared of them...but just because I think they're dumb. Ok, yeah I'm scared of 'em.

So, come to find out, Wendy has thought the entire time that we were going to see "Casting Clowns"!!!! How hilarious is that??? She finally realizes when she gets their tickets before we left on Saturday when she read it and said "Oh, it's Casting Crowns, not clowns!" So, thanks Wendy for the laugh!!!

On a completely different note, I have a question to ask. Why do you not hear anything about the 'terrible three's'??? Now, I have a nine year old daughter who was, believe or not, three at one time. However, she cannot be compared to the average child because God sent me an angel because, I think, He knew I was going through enough already at the time!

Anyway, now I have Jack.

I love Jack, but Jack is three.


I have ordered a book for, ahem, a friend. Yes, this friend is in desparate need of this book. "Screamfree parenting".

Yeah, you got me. It's really for me.

I caught myself screaming like a maniac one day when I had heard enough "Mom, he won't stop doing this, or that, ect" so the next time I heard "Mom!" I replied oh so sweetly with "WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT" Please tell me I'm not the only one here! Please tell me it will get better. Is there a 'terrible four's' I should look forward to???

Maybe I just need a good clown to entertain him? Maybe not.


Becky said...

Loved the Casting Clowns story, Brooke, lol! That would have made for a very entertaining concert! ;0) (I LOVE Casting faves!)

I hear ya on the terrible threes thing...which for both my sons began about 18 months. I think it's just more pronounced for boys, because they are SOOOO much more energetic than girls by nature. And it's supposed to be that way, it just needs to be funneled in the proper direction. Constructive vs. destructive outlets for all that energy. After all, they are in training now to be a knight-in-shining-armor to some fair maiden one day...

I have to laugh when I see this family we know with their three darling stair-step girls, sitting side by side being and behaving like perfect little angels in public, and my son is throwing stuff and crawling over the booth in the restaurant to meet his new "fwen".

Deedra said...

Brooke I love the Clowns story, but I'm wondering why you left out the part about Robbie commenting about your bra?...I seriously almost choked and I'm pretty sure Wendy & Kyle were with me on that one!

Tammy P said...

Brooke, I am so releived to know that I am not the only one that thinks that the 3's is way more terrible than 2 ever was. I was not prepared for what was in store. Just think about this one for a minute(my two are only 18 months apart in age) so as soon as Matt got out of the terrible 3's, Rachel went right into them. My famous words during this time was " I will never step foot in church ever again." I did survive and yes I do think it gets better in alot of ways but then the smart mouth comes along. Once again, I will pray for you if you will do the same.

The concert was awesome!

Annette in BC said...

Oh, I so remember that. I remember shaking my head, wondering what all the fuss about the terrible twos was, and then he turned 3... aaaahhh

I ended up putting him in preschool so we could both survive. He's 16 now, so it worked. Then again, he's 16 now.


The Preacher's Wife said...

I need to borrow that book when you are done.

For a friend. :)


suburbancorrespondent said...

3's and/or 4's are worse than 2's. 2's are easy. Don't worry about it - you'll learn how to deal, just like the rest of us. Seems there are no short cuts in parenting. Everything has to be learned the hard way.

You know, that is a fairly common thing, that fear of clowns. I've read about it somewhere.

Jim said...

Casting Clowns is classic!
I had it good with my kids when they were 3 and 4...this past year has actually been the toughest with a nine/ten year old..I dread the teen years..I will LONG for the terrific three's!