Saturday, May 10, 2008

IM FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My preacher's wife, Lisa , may have a book deal but does she have papparazzi????

I'm driving down the road trying to do my job and some guy jumps out of the bushes and starts snapping pictures of me. Can't a girl just be left alone? HAHAHAHAHA!

So, here I am, I've made my first newspaper debut! (Yes, it is on the fridge!)

Ok. Maybe this was all planned. Maybe there really wasn't a guy who jumped out of the bushes. But hey, a girl can dream right? Watch out Angelina Jolie the competition is moving up!!!

This picture was taken because we were getting ready for our annual food drive that we do. They told me to not look at the camera and not smile. So, how hard do you think that was? HA! I ended up looking like I was mad or disgusted! HA!

I'm still working on my Mexican review.........stay tuned!!!!!

Well I'm now going to get my lazy tail off this computer and spend time with my kids. Lisa made me feel like a total loser with her latest post. HA!!!!


Becky said...

Y'all are FAMOUS!

Can I have your autograph, lol?

The Preacher's Wife said...

i was trying to see if you had your seatbelt on in the mail

and i'm glad my latest post made you feel so great...!!!! hahaha

Melissa Lea said...

You look fabulous!!!!!!!!! Next time strick a pose!!! That would be GREAT!!

Melissa Lea said...


Dimple Queen said...

You should have smiled and looked at the camera and given the photographer a run for his money. Made them take a few different know like they do in other famous people photo shoots!

Glad you stopped by...been stopping by here, but I keep seeing NOTHING NEW!!!!!! LOLOL....I's hard being a famous mail girl....they are keeping you busy aren't they??


judith said...

Looking thin in that photo. Get off the computer and get to exercising. I was off today for a random holiday so I did mine this morning.

Jim said...

That's cool! Our food drive is a whole week, so we don't get killed in one day but it gets more than average..actually rochester should be one of the highest totals in the nation but the union magazine has the big writeup on totals before we even do it so we never get any credit! That's cool how you can have my blog on your site in the blog roll. I'm still looking for your TobyMac blog..I'll find it eventually! I started posting my best carrier pictures in my photo section on my blog site so take a look at my first 3 photo's. We hate Dois too. It kept saying I was running 5 minutes too long in street time even though I never changed anything, and the office figures are always are always out of whack. We just eliminated two more routes so my new route is 80% changed. I think I might actually like it better. It's all in one area instead of all over the place. With less tavel time it might actually take me less time. Plus I won't have some big business mailings to bring back either. Most carriers got 30 minutes added to. Wendy always get a raw deal in these things. That's how I always follow her, her routes get ruined and then I take a job that no one else wants!
It must be strange only having 6 routes..we have over 85 in our building alone. Hope you get along with a small office that could be a problem!
Your trip to Mexico looked great..we are going to Mt. Rushmore in niece is getting married in Chicago in a few weeks and will visit on way back. Couldn't get the time off for her wedding week. You have a girl my daughter's age..she turned 10 last week.
Our post office just had a fun fair with tons of things for kids and stuff today. sorry for rambling..have a great week. Oh, I think in a blog around april 20th I talked about the Post office a little...Jim