Monday, December 3, 2007


This is my new customer service number.
(Please don't really call this, there is no telling what you might get.)

It's the 3rd of the month and that means I was one popular girl around town today. (Unless their check didn't come, then my name is mud.)

Being the sweet, caring, mailgirl that I am I change my route around on the third so that my sweet little old ladies can get their check and get to the bank before it closes. Now, mind you, I'm not crossing town to do this...I'm crossing the street. Normally I would get the right hand of the street and come back a couple hours later and get the other side. Yes, it may not make sense to you that I don't just deliver the other side while I'm there but trust me, this is just how this route runs.

Anywho...I get back to the post office at dark-thirty and finally breathe a sigh of relief that the day is finally over. (Don't worry I did remember my son today.)
My supervisor came to me and told me that someone called with a complaint.
On me? No way!
She seemed somewhat amused so I wasn't too worried but when she finished I was stunned at the audacity of some people. This person called and did not want to give the supervisor their exact address but gave the street and wanted to make a complaint on "the mailgirl". This guy said that I looked like I didn't know what I was doing.....he knows how I normally deliver the mail and I wasn't doing that. He actually said that he didn't have anything better to do and would watch me.....every day. (Freaky.)

Can you believe that he actually picked up the phone, dialed the post office, and made this crazy complaint??? Sheesh....GET A LIFE, PEOPLE!!!!!

Ok. Now I feel better.


The Preacher's Wife said...

wow brooke - that's so celebrity that you have a stalker.

Becky said...

Yeah, that's kind of creepy that someone on your route doesn't have anything better to do than to watch you deliver mail. Creepy and very pathetic. You're so right...he needs to get a life!

Dimple Queen said...

Old guy or young guy??? That's what would be the deciding factor for me on whether it was creepy or not.....

Young guy - Middle age guy = creepy

Old retired man = still a little creepy

Senior Citizen = I would want to go hug his neck the next time I mad that route. He's just lonely! :)


Deedra said...

Too bad you can't find out who it was. You could really put on a show for him to know, pick your nose, sniff your underarms...the list is endless! You could find a new and creative way to gross him out every single day!...HAHA!

Cheryl said...

You see, I told you that you were very pretty! You have an admirer! Oh my, I guess we could call you a celebrity!!! Ha Ha Ha - At least it was not raining today huh? You go girl!

Weelo said...

do you think when we get really old and bored we're gonna call the post office and complain about randon stuff just for the fun of it?

Patty said...

Dang! A stalker and a complaint?!! You have mad mail delivering skillz no matter what the "stalker' says!!!

You want me to come down there and talk with him? I could take care of it, I have a little rage built up because of me ex. LOL!!!!