Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do I have any friends?

I'm not sure if this saying is just from my era or a regional thing but saying to someone, "Do I have any friends?" and tilting your head slightly upward is a way of asking "Do I have any boogers?" without saying "Do I have any boogers?"

I feel, however, that if you really have friends (not boogers, but actual human friends) that if you were to have a booger or say, a strawberry seed inbetween their two front teeth, they would tell you right? Well I'm not so sure of this.

We had a baby shower for Melissa today at church and I devoured a scrumptious plate of "baby shower" delicacies. (Mrs. Mann, that cake was AWESOME...I don't know why Nancy was cutting the pieces so little) I also had some strawberries with cream cheese dip which I probably should have avoided......

After we all ate we sat and chatted for a while (sorry Melissa, there is only so much blue you can oohh and awwwh over :)) We discussed teeth, denistry, and how important it is to floss (One of them is a dentist's assistant, the other was the preacher's wife ). I tell them all goodbye and when I get to the car and look in the mirror, low and behold, I have a strawberry seed inbetween my two front teeth!!!!

Where are all my friends to tell me I have "friends"??? :P


Anonymous said...

At least you got a piece of cake. I had to settle for the left over icing and I don't think Melissa even got a piece but she wasn't feeling well. And just for the record, I would have told you to at least go and look in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

You know I would have told you! After laughing and pointing! LOL Thanks for keeping my daughter all day. I totally could not have made it without you!!

Deedra said...

I have to say, I'm with Deb on this one. I definitely would have told you,....after a bit of laughing that is! I was so looking forward to some Mrs Mann cake, and ooohing and ahhhing over the baby goodies, but didn't make it back in time.

Dimple Queen said...

I can't believe your real, in-person friends didn't tell you that you had something in your teeth....I am only thus far an "online freind" and I would have told you!

Lisa, you ought to be ashamed of are a preacher's shouldn't let someone go around with a seed in their teeth! HeeHee!

Dimple Queen said...

Hey...I just noticed what you meant by saying your name was there twice! LOL....I am sorry to say I will be deleting one of them....sorry....don't be hurt by it....but I wouldn't want someone to think I was some kind of "MailGirl" stalker or anything! Anyway...there were someothers that showed up that I am sure I hadn't added back in there yet....kind of crazy!


The Preacher's Wife said...

Yeah, I saw it and thought, "Poor Brooke - look at that crud she has in between her teeth"..


I didn't see a strawberry seed in your teeth!! YOu know at least the dental Nazi Carrie would have told you...LOL

I have to go floss now...:)


p.s. for the record, i'm a born and raised Southerner and I've NEVER heard the 'friends' thing. I just ask, "Is there something hanging out of my nose? " :)

K. Tilley said...


Being the professional that I am, I did see the strawberry seed and chose not to say anything.....LOL

Truefully, I did not see it or I would have told ya. I'll observe better next time and befor we say our good-bye's I'll check your teeth first...

Now, I've got to go and check on the Preacher's wife...see if she's been flossing!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Ya

Becky said...

Lol, I got the funniest mental imagery when I read that last comment...I pictured a bunch of church ladies gathered around at the next baby shower, and the dentist's assistant doing exams before conversation was to begin, just so everyone was on the safe side, lol.

What kind of cake was this that was soooo fabulous?

The Preacher's Wife said...

No, Kerri. Not yet. I have to go find that awesome floss and regular Crest you told me about..:))

I promise by next week I will be a regular...LOL And to think you get paid to scare people into brushing their teeth...Girl, you are worth every nickel LOLOL