Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CONTEST!!!!! **Are you a movie buff???**

My sister and I love movie quotes. If anything remotely close to a movie quote is said we usually will look at each other and say the movie quote. I love it! So, I've dug up some of my favorites and I'm making a contest out of it!!!! My first one!!! The winner will receive a $20 gift card to Starbucks!!!! (Oh, and reading other people's comments before answering is also considered cheating!!! :))

This is open to everyone, so all of you lurkers post your answers for a chance to win!!!!

Here are the rules: No cheating!!!! Only God and you will know of course but as you are slurping down that frappacino you might just choke on it...just kidding! HA! If you get at least 5 right you will be entered into the drawing and I will pick someone at random. The contest will end on New Years Eve at midnight!!!!!

1. Me? I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I saw, I'm scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you.
(Way too easy)

2. I can bear it no longer! Goblin King! Goblin King! Wherever you may be take this child of mine far away from me!

3. -Can we get there in your car?
- Who told you I had a car?
-The men in the village.
-They told you I had a car? They are such comedians. They meant my little mule: Pepe.

4. -Tell me what was so special about your wife?
-Well, how long is your program? Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were suppose to be together... and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home... only to no home I'd ever known... I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like... magic.

5. ....these are somebody else's wishes. They're somebody else's dreams.
- Yeah, but you know what? This one, this one right here. This was my dream, my wish. And it didn't come true. So I'm taking it back. I'm taking them all back.

6. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die

7. Do you like sweet plum or cherry? (I'll be surprised if anyone other than my sis gets this one!)

8. Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.

9. I AM NOT A FISH! How many times do I have to tell you people that? So, can you please just let me outta here? Huh? Please? People?

10. Who rang that bell?

11. I'll never let go. I'll never let go, Jack.

12. I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna let me go!

13. Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.

14. I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow.

15. Hey, you're all right. I didn't do nothing any decent person wouldn't have done. Dumb dog.

16. Toe Pick!!!

Good Luck!!!!! ( I got this great idea from Dawn over at Because I said so...Love it!)


Jaynee @ said...

I'll guess at the ones I think I know - but your numbers are a bit off:

1. Jerry Maguire
4. Sleepless in Seattle
the first 6. The Princess Bride
the second 7. Wizard of Oz
the second 8. Titanic
10. It's a Wonderful Life
13. Cutting Edge (Moira Kelly stars in it - I think it's Cutting Edge)

Kellan said...

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEEEEENNNN!!! I have been a-missin'-you! I guess if I'm not famous - like Dawn - you don't have time for me (tee hee!) - glad to see you again, Mailgirl!

Okay - about this contest. Lets see, lets see ...

1. Dirty Dancing
4.Sleepless in Seattle
8.You've Got Mail
12.Pretty Woman
13.It's a Wonderful Life
14.Gone With The Wind

I think those are right - that is 7 of 16 (BTW, your numbering is off) - I know a few of the other ones, but I can't place the movie right now - I'll come back and try to figure out more later - this is fun.

See you later. Kellan

Anonymous said... left some lines that are pretty tough! Here are my guesses (I don't drink coffee,so you can make it a Target gift card. haha)
2. Labrynth
3.Romancing the Stone
4. Sleepless in Seattle
5. The Goonies
6. Princess Bride
7. Memoirs of a Geisha
8. You've Got Mail
13.A Wonderful Life
16.Cutting Edge

All the ones I left blank sounded familiar...but I don't know. Now I am dying to make a list for you. Your pregnant and growing sister, Connie

Cheryl said...

Oh Brooke, I'm embarassed to say that I did not even know one single one!!!!!! I kind of thought that number 13 sounded familiar. I should have got Ross to read them and I might have done better. Your baby girl looked so cute doing the Christmas play. She had a smile on her face so big all night. She is definitely going to be something one day (maybe an actress?) because being in front of all those people did not bother her one bit!! She did a great job.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay, I'm going to think on this...I'll be back. :)


Becky said...

#6 Princess Bride

That's all I know. How pathetic is that? I need to get out more!

We've been missin' you in blogdom...but I'll bet you've been busier than a one-armed paperhanger at the Post Office this time of year!

Kelly Malloy said...

That was tough! But once I got to thinking about it, not so bad. From the sounds of it we almost had the same childhood (at least when it came to movie watching!) Here are my guesses:

1. Dirty Dancing (Nobody Puts Baby in a corner! Gotta love that one!)
2. Labyrinth (my first sort of “date”! We were in middle school)
3. Romancing The Stone
5. Goonies (Never Say Die!)
6. Princess Bride
9. Splash
11. Titanic
12. Pretty Woman
13. It’s A Wonderful Life
14. Gone with the Wind
15. Annie

Anonymous said...

Just ask Jenny M., I can't remember the words to a song I have sang a hundred times let alone the words to a movie!!! However, I did read all the quotes and the only one I was gonna guess at was #1- Top Gun, when she tells Mavrick that she's fallen for him , but after cheating and reading everybody's guesses I now know that's not right either....I stink at this. Maybe next time you could have a game where you guess the names of "food" served at Resturants.....I'm sure to win that one....LOL

Thanks for the fun.....K. Tilley

angelaandconnor at said...

Oo I think I got this one in the bag :)

1. Dirty Dancing
2. Labyrinth (ooo my favorite movie)
3. Romancing the Stone
4. Sleepless in Seatle?? Im not sure on this one.
5. GOONIES (OMG I LOVE this movie too!!.. I want my wishes back you stupid well!)
6. Princess Bride (my second favorite movie!!)
7. Memiores of a Geisha (I cant spell though... that movie messed me up)
11. Titanic (*sob*)

Ok ill stop there.. hehe..

Ill blog you too :)

kitty said...

1. Dirty Dancing
2. Labyrinth
5. Goonies
6. Princes Bride
11. Titanic
14. Gone with the Wind
15. Annie

I'm out.

Anonymous said...

1. dirty dancing
2. the labyrinth
5. the goonies
10.i know this one, i do!
11.titanic, anyone who doesn't know this one has lived under a rock for ten years
13.miracle on 34th st?
man i thought i would do so much better at this!!

dodo said...

I'll answer as many as I can :)

1. Dirty Dancing
2. Labyrinth (Love that movie.)
5. Goonies
6. Princess Bride (Love that one too)
9. Splash
11. Titanic
13. It's a Wonderful Life (I'm so glad it's Christmas!)
`4. Gone With the Wind
15. Annie

Dimple Queen said...

Ok....I love movies...but there were a couple that I didn't know!

1. Dirty Dancing (saw about 100 times)

2. ?
3. ?
4. Sleepless in Seattle (love Meg Ryan films, like this one that is)

5. Goonies
6. Princess Bride
7. Anne of Green Gables (I think but maybe not)

8. You've Got Mail (my favorite line...the hubby actually gave me a boquet of unsharpened pencils for Valentines day that year!)

9. Splash (? some mermaid movie anyway I think)

10. ?
11. Titanic
12. Pertty Woman
13. It's A Wonderful Life (my all time favorite)

14. ?
15. Annie
16. Cutting Edge

This was fun!

windycindy said...

Happy Holidays! Here I go~ 1.) "Dirty
Dancing", 2.) Labyrinth, 3.) "Romancing the Stone", 4.) "Sleepless
in Seattle", 5.) "Goonies", 6.) "The
Princess Bride", 7.) "Memoirs of a
Geisha", 8.) "You've Got Mail", 9.)
"Splash", 10.) "The Wizard of Oz",
11.) "Titanic", 12.) "Pretty Woman",
13.) "It's a Wonderful Life", 14.)
"Gone With the Wind", 15.) "Annie" and 16.) "The Cutting Edge". Thanks for sponsoring such a fun contest. Cindi

Danielle said...

1- Dirty dancing
4- Sleepless in Seattle
11- Titanic
12- Pretty woman
13- Its a wonderful life
15- Annie
16- Cutting edge!!!!!!! one of my fave movies! Yes,im lame!

Deedra said...

1. Baby, Dirty Dancing
2. Labyrinth?
4. Sleepless in Seattle
5. Goonies!
7. Memoirs of a Geisha
8. You've got mail!
11. Titanic
12. Pretty Woman
13.It's a wonderful life
14.Gone with the wind (this also tends to be my motto:)
15. Annie
16.Cutting Edge

I can do a few of the quotes, but I am a total dork when it comes to songs from movies. So with that confession, I leave you singing "...the sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar...."

Deedra said...

Oh no, I can't stop,..."Ohhhhh tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya! Tomorrow, Tomorrow is only a day away!....OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya! Tomorrow,..."

Ahhhhhh! Help! Make it stop!

Kellan said...

Okay - I won't win this one - do another one and I will try again. This was fun in a I'm-not-that-good-at-this-game-but-I-still-like-to-play, kind of way. See you later, Mailgirl. Kellan

Geri said...

6. Princess Bride
10. Wizard of Oz
11. Titanic
12. Pretty Woman
13. It's A Wonderful Life


Jason and Caryn said...

1. Dirty Dancing (I've had the time of my life...)
2. Labyrinth
3. Romancing the Stone
4. Sleepless in Seattle (Love it!)
5. The Goonies
6. The Princess Bride (my favorite!)
7. Memoirs of a Geisha (awesome movie...I own it)
8. You've Got Mail (I've watched this over and over and over..)
9. Splash (my dad and I used to watch this all the time)
10. The Wizard of Oz
11. Titanic (another favorite)
12. Pretty Woman (another movie we watched over and over again)
13. It's a Wonderful Life
14. Gone With the Wind (my favorite "old" movie of all time)
15. Annie (I even saw the musical!)
16. The Cutting Edge (hilarious and so romantic and cute!)

That was soo much fun! You picked all of my favorite movies. I have like 90% of these on DVD! I'm a movie fanatic. We subscribe to Netflix and watch old movies all the time!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay, promised I'd be back :)

1. Dirty Dancing - I only know this cause you told me...never seen

2. Shrek

3. Nacho Libre

4. Return to Me

5. The Goonies

6. Zoro

7. Barbie - Princess and the Pauper

8. You've got mail..

9. WaterWorld

10. Saved by the Bell

11. Duh...Titanic

12. High School Musical

13. Miracle on 34th Street

14. Gone with the Wind - my life's motto

15. Underdog

16. Crossroads



I think I really have a chance at this one....

The Preacher's Wife said...

ah mannnn....i just looked at everyone else's answers and i'm more off than i


The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay, so hurry and tell everybody that I won...LOL