Saturday, December 15, 2007

Get in Bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone other than me fight with their kids to get them to go to sleep?
My son gets out of bed at least 5 times. I was gonna say 50 but I think that's a tad over-exaggerated.
I wish for a June Cleaver moment as I tuck them into bed, kiss them goodnight, and leave them smiling and already dreaming as I tiptoe out the door.......
It's only a wish though.....Jack only goes to sleep after I've threatened to whip him like 50 times. I know. There lies the problem. I threaten. And threaten. I just hate to whip him and then say "Good night sweetie, sweet dreams" ....after I just thrashed him with a belt...ya know?
Why can't they be like us and dream of the moment that our heads finally hit the pillow and never even remember falling into a deep, dark coma. Well, that is, until a 3 year old climbs in the bed and kicks you for a couple hours before you wake up enough to realize some kid is in your bed interrupting your peaceful dream of McDreamy, I mean Jamie....

Anywhoo.....I found this song that fits......listen to it. Seriously. You have time.


Anonymous said...

Love the post! And the vidoe. Makes me want to nap! LOL and you no one has to threaten me!

Anonymous said...

Oh Brooke, I once knew your pain. We started having trouble out of Matt and Rachel around the age of 4or 5 with them getting up at night after we had gone into a coma and having them a little party.

I will never forget the night (or I should say morning) that Clay got up at 2:00 a.m. and they were up destroying their rooms I had just cleaned that day. Coke cans, potato chips, and little debbie wrappers everywhere. It was not plesant to say the least.

I have no idea if Jack still takes naps, but at this very moment we decided to cut out the naps. Our babysitter was putting them down at about 1 or 2 and they would sleep till 4 or 5 and then would not sleep at night. This was after they would sleep until about 9 every morning.

I am happy to report that this solved the problem. By the time we went to bed, they were ready for that nap they missed out on. I dont know if this will help you and I dont know what daycare policy is on naps, but just thought I would share.

Clay and I both will be praying for you and Jamie.(You did not mention if Jamie was sleep deprived also. Alot of men can sleep through all of this.) LOL.

Love You,

Weelo said...

i remember those days vividly.
my kids still climb in bed with us at some point during the night..
but now i probably only get kicked in the head once every couple of weeks instead of nightly.
this video is amazing..not just the perfect way in which he captures the details of the whole scene, but his breath control is phenominal...
thanks for sharing this..
makes my problems seem less personal and more universal..which makes it easier to laugh at them!!

Dimple Queen said...

Hey Brooke, I am in the middle of all that myself! My 5 yo comes in the room a couple of times a night sometimes, and the 3 yo, she doesn't come in our room, but she obviously gets up and plays in hers. I have woke her a few times lately to find her in a different set of PJ's and a couple of times with her socks and shoes on....makes you wonder if she left and came back!!! HMMMM....maybe I need check this out!


Becky said...

I'm in the midst of this same battle with our youngest.

My Sister in law solved this problem with her three by getting them sleeping bags to sleep in at night once they graduated from their cribs. This kept them warm and cozy (and asleep) all night long. The same technique worked with my older son when we bought him a down comforter.

But our toddler breakdances in his crib during the night, and no matter how well we cover him, he inevitably ends up uncovered and cold by 2 am. My husband, in order to get back to sleep ASAP, goes and gets him and brings him back to our bed. Which results in our toddler cuddling up to him all night and kicking me in the spleen.

I think I could solve this...if I could only find a good down-filled, footed snow suit to dress him in before bed!

Deedra said...

I hope you get a great tip that solves this dilemma for you,...then you can pass it on to me, I'm sure I'll need it soon enough!...I can't believe that guy sang that for 4 minutes! whew! Maybe you should just make Jack watch that video every night before bed! Made me tired just listening to him! :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

okay am I totally mean in saying dude needs to quit singing and clean his house?

like i need to quit typing and clean mine..LOLOL