Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Siesta Fiesta Recap

Well it has taken me a couple of days to get rested up enough to post about this....
so here it goes.

I'd like to show ya'll that in the beginning of this trip I was reserved, quiet, and shy. Ok. Maybe not shy, but I was reserved. Here is a picture of me on Thursday with a group of women that took the riverboat cruise. I look pretty reserved, right? I'm on the bottom row, dark hair, blue shirt...next to Lisa.

Fast forward to Saturday night at the Fiesta PJ party...umm not so reserved. I'm the one in the middle, ahem, the one hogging the mike.

First of all I have say a big, Texas, "I'm sorry" to Tammy. She's the blonde beside me who would like to sing into the mike but never has the chance to. Tammy, I'm like SO sorry. I'm just so glad you didn't cry. Had I shared the mike with Elizabeth I'm not quite sure that she wouldn't have...(inside joke)

Anyway, I'm not real sure what came over me. One minute we all decided to sing together and then the next minute I'm totally sounding like Sandy/Olivia Newton-John and not only do I sound like her...I actually morph into her. I'm all of a sudden in my long sleeve gown in Frenchie's (or is it Rizz) backyard singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You". I even see Danny's face in a pool of water as I drop my perfumed paper into it........
Next thing I know, I'm back at the PJ party and the song is over! Ha!

Thanks to Holly, Tammy, Joanne, and Elizabeth for so much fun during this song!!! Thanks to Kate for taking the picture...if you didn't I might not have had a memory of this event! :P

Also to my karaoke sister, Georgia....I can't believe no one took our picture!!! Surely someone out there has one!!! You are like my singing soul mate...for realz.
I'm glad we live in the same hemisphere 'cause we have to get our karaoke groove on as soon as possible. How 'bout getting us a gig up there in Nashville??? I might just move the whole fam out there so we can make it big!!!

More on San Antonio later!!!!!

Sweet Joanne sent me some pics of me and Georgia!!! Thanks Joanne!!!!!
Ok...I'm not sure what we were laughing about but this is what took place during the ENTIRE PJ party!!!! This is what you call a horse laugh! HA! Look at my legs, this isn't a celebrity pose....it's a "tryin' not to pee my pants" pose...hahahahaha
Jenny...didn't you get me some Depends when you were on your Supermarket Sweep????


Fran said...

You are too stinkin funny!! I love the look on your face while you are singing. You go girl. You did kinda morph into some Olivia Newton John!! :)


Teri~Facedown said...

So I just wanted to say hey to my new BFF Brooke Shields.

From your new BFF,
Teri Hatcher

Ok, for real now...it was GREAT meeting you in SA. I am totally bummed that I missed the PJ party because the pictures look like you had SO MUCH FUN!

I also got all caught up on your life...at least since November 2007. So you talk about poop, boogers and puke on your blog...looks like I will be back!

Gotta love a girl who enjoys writing about the finer things in life:)

I am totally kidding...but I will be back because, well, you make me laugh!
I'm out-Teri

Patty said...

Girlfriend, you slay me!! G's mouth is open so wide she could swallow the mic. I almost typed Mike. ROFL...

I will never forget you singing and when I read how you signed my cookbook I almost peed on myself.
Hopelessly Devoted to You. LOL

I heard you even sang the word, instrumental. heehee

We have to plan something real soon. OH, ask Lisa why she is called the Leopard Lady. :))

Love you,

Deedra said...

Okay after seeing the Karaoke pic of you putting your heart and soul into Hopelessly devoted, I'm thinking we just HAVE to do karaoke one night at the angel meeting.....

.....did I mention I have a karaoke machine? Ya, you should hear me get down on Baby Got Back...LOL

p.s....I totally expect to see you in the choir giving your "all" next week!

jennyhope said...

you are stinking cracking me up!!! Eat your food Tina.

Georgia4God said...

oh goodness.. could my mouth be any MORE open?!?!? I had the bestest time singing(or screaming into the mics) w/you that nite!! I'll let you know when we make our Nash'vegas debut! lol *instrumental*

KyliesMomSTL said...

Brookie, Brookie, Brookie... I TOLD you - that was the OLD me that cried when that girl didn't share the mic. The new, "big girl" me would've just started bustin' a move while you rocked the mic!
I have several pics of you and Georgia singing your hearts out, instrumentals and all. I'll get them on here soon, I promise.
Forgive me, Brooke, but it's worth mentioning that the crossing of the legs (in the pic w/ Georgia) was unsuccessful. :O But anytime someone pees their pants laughing, you KNOW a good time was had. Safe to say all us mothers have been there a time or two or twenty. :)
We absolutely need to plan a mini-fiesta get-together soon - very soon.
Love ya!
P.s. On my drive home from work last night, "You're the One That I Want" came on the radio and oh, how I longed for my karaokeing Siestas! And, for the record, it was Marti's backyard. :)

Anonymous said...

Can not wait till we hook you up to the kareoke for the Angels!!! Looks like you had a blast, (as usual). You are always so much fun to hang with!

Holly said...

OH, what a joy you are, Brooke (are you an "e" brook? I'm not sure!).

You made me smile so much. Thank you for your heart o' love!

And if you think I forgot, I am still praying for your journey right now. We have been there. If you need some extra encouragement. Be sure and go to my blog "our journey" and read about God's faithfulness to us during that time. Also, your gal Lisa? She is some kind of pray-er!

Love you!

Holly said...

PS: I'm Elizabeth Bennet too! (From your sidebar quiz)

GratefulinGA said...

You are a riot! Hey if that woman of many names sends you SA photos, please share. Seems my Best Friend has forgotten me since she karaoked with YOU!

Hugs and love,
Elinor Dashwood

Anonymous said...

Girl you were a hit!! That pic is hilarious. So glad you got to go. Looks like you made some great friends for life.
Next Angel meeting you gotta sing!!
Wendy L