Monday, October 1, 2007

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP and *cough, cough*

I'll get to the "cough, cough" later but first let me hear a "WHOOP,WHOOP!!!" A friend and I went to the Big Spring Jam in Huntsville last night to see Barlowgirl and Toby Mac. They were awesome!!!! I'm seriously thinking of taking up either electic guitar or drum lessons. Hey, I don't think I'm too old to start up a band! Who's with me?

Barlowgirl had a good message to the girls in the crowd. They challenged them to stay pure and to not even DATE!!! What a great idea!!! Madeline is gonna HATE me! HA! I don't know how realistic this would be to do but I know it would cut down on the temptations that young girls face while dating.

Now when Toby Mac was about to come on stage Jennifer and I pushed our way through hundreds of teenagers to get as close as we could. Lisa, aka thepreacherswife told me to get some good pictures so we did what we had to do!! HA! Toby, yeah we're on first name basis now, was SOOO fun to watch! My feet were killing me an hour into it but I DID NOT want to go sit down! Here are some pictures I took! I took pictures until my camera's batteries died! Click on link(top right) to see more!
Well the next morning I felt nothing like the teenager in me that emerged the night before! HA! I have been sneezing for a few days now but brushed it off as allergies. WRONG! I woke up Sunday morning with my mouth open, slightly parched, with snot running down the side of my face. Yes, I know it's lovely but to get the full effect of how I really felt I must go into graphic detail. Isn't that what blogging is all about? HA! As I was grabbing for tissue or heck, my pillowcase, I noticed that man, my neck and back really hurt. I must have really outdone myself with the breakdancing last night! Wrong again. I'm sure of it now as I try to get up. Yes, I'm on the brink of death. I reach out for Jamie to tell him how much I love him and to be sure and take care of the kids when I'm gone.....but nothing but snores....well I guess I'm glad I'm really not dying....HA! I'm such a whine bag!
When we become moms are we supposed to suck it up and go on or can we still lie around on the couch all day drifting in and out of conciousness? Well I, being the loser mom that I am, chose the latter of the two. I even remember asking Jamie in one wave of alert conciousness "Didn't you say you would love me through sickness and health?" I guess I didn't think he was petting me enough. Ya know the commercial...I think It's Campbell Soup....where the guy brings the girl a bowl of steaming hot soup. Yeah, that's what I call love......HA!
He did go and get us Taco Bell for lunch...I love those cheesy beefy melts...I mean I love that man!
So, I guess next time I go see Toby Mac I think I'll take some Vitamin C before I go!!!! (He will be in Chattanooga this Friday night!!!! I thought about taking Madeline, I think she would love it! If I'm well that is!;p )

Love, Brookie, Brooks, Brookish, or Brookster...whichever you like.


The Preacher's Wife said...

I AM SO STINKIN' JEALOUS! Wow that Toby is the coolest!

So tell me, what was the best song he sang? Did he do any DiverseCity? Whoopsy-Daisy (Catch-a-Fire) - Was TruDog there?

Give me details woman!! :)

Deedra said...

I hope you told Toby that I'd be seeing him on Friday! I can't wait!! We're right up front, since I called for tickets the second I heard on the radio he was coming to Chatt!...In answer to Lisa's question,..I don't know about BSJ, but I heard him on J103 the other day saying that he would be singing from all of his albums on Friday night. Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I love the hands in the air praising! Oh how I wish people could understand that it is all about Jesus, the message is the same just in a more relevant deliverance for us of the younger generation! Not a word about my age!! I am glad you got to enjoy the night, too bad the snot came in the morning! Hope you are better by tonight!

Cecelia said...

Hey girl,

I'll play the drums in your band. I always wanted to be a drummer ! LOL
I am a Toby Mac fan as well ! Me and Patty (girlfriends in God) love to get up to the stage and dance, dance, dance. But for some reason none of our friends will go stand with us ! Wonder why !
My daughters love Barlow Girl and want to follow in their footsteps !
Glad you had a blast. Hope you are well soon !

Becky said...

Love Barlow Girl and Toby Mac! We waited forever to see Toby Mac in SoCal, and get to the concert with our whole youth group in tow, and one of the boys gets sick. From eating cotton candy while waiting in line to get in. On an empty stomach. While on an antibiotic for athletes foot (none of which we learned a thing about until later, of course). He was BAD sick, and we missed the concert. *sigh* But I'm glad you had a good time!

I noticed you're into AWANA, too...are you a leader? I work with Journey 24-7 in our church.

Jim said...

Great blog and looked like a great concert. My daughter went to see BarlowGirl and todd Agnew when she was 6 or 7 and got to meet BarlowGirl. They have been her fave band ever since and the first band she put on her MP3 player. Last year at our music festival she was at camp but I took my younger 6 year old with us..we got free tickets..and she was overtired by the end of the day and fussed through TobyMac, and it's her fave! My wife took her to the car and I only stayed 50 minutes so I missed last song or two. can't wait to get his DVD. I have pictures from both shows in my photo's..Toby in August 2007 and Barlow girl would be one of my earliest posts. Just got my new route edit book to make my changes. I actually have this little deadhead bundle still and one of my schools so I guess it will be 15 minutes long as my leave time is 15 minutes earlier it will be OK. PTF's have to know a lot of routes here! I could never be a utility..I avoided it my entire career! Now to check out the casting Crowns blog! oh...Happy Birthday to Madeline,,did she get what she wanted? My daughter just loves webkinz and got a few more for her birthday!